1- Blackburn's own biochemistry community also seems ambivalent about her interest in meditation.

2- I can't tell if Jonathan Russell is annoyed by Johnson's antics or just ambivalent to them.

3- Asked if he will treat his five younger daughters differently, he is ambivalent.

4- Cohen seems ambivalent about finding love, and acknowledges fearing commitment.

5- Granted, the relationship remains ambivalent.

6- He has been making ambivalent statements couched both in anti-U.

7- His relationship to his own German heritage is ambivalent.

8- I'm ambivalent on the technique being used here.

9- Many Israelis are ambivalent about the movement's wishes.

10- Members of that coveted, low-cost demographic have been ambivalent about signing up so far.

11- SPIEGEL: The title of your short story, "The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher," doesn't sound very ambivalent.

12- The American public had already become ambivalent about school integration before the Seattle decision, Friedman says.

13- The reader is left feeling deeply ambivalent, still seeking answers to the provocative question posed by the title.

14- The state Department of Transportation seems more ambivalent.

15- We cannot remain ambivalent or apathetic towards him.

16- Where's the emoticon that says 'I'm ambivalent'.

17- Whether you like it, hate it, or are ambivalent about it, this is the battery case Apple wanted to make.

18- Yet, for much of the church's history, members have been ambivalent about politics and politicians.

19- You need to know that most people don't care or at best are sort of ambivalent and be ok with that.

20- During the pre-oedipal stages ambivalent feelings are expressed in a dyadic relationship between the mother and the child.

21- It seemed like when we were around, and actively playing and stuff, that people's responses to us were fairly ambivalent.

22- Over the course of the season, D'Angelo grows more and more ambivalent about the drug trade.

23- Results for coworkers were similar, with ambivalent relationships linked to worse mental health.

24- SFist: On the album you're clearly ambivalent about these sorts of technologies.

25- She suspects Urbanus, who is strangely ambivalent about their success in exposing several of the sabotage tricks.

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