accompanied with in a sentence

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And there is, on the other side, an attractive “flight” into a spiritual world, related to or presented as “worship of angels”; it was purportedly accompanied with special graces as “visions” which St. Paul however calls “insisting on self-abasement …puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind” (v. 18).

All orders must be accompanied with cash.

The heavy rain was accompanied with thunder.

Mountaineering is attractive especially to young people because it is accompanied with hardships and adventures.

The chicken rice dish can also be further accompanied with a simple pork meatball soup.

One about Skalkottas accompanied with two CDs, and one about Mozart’s recitatives in his Operas.

Eun-Pyo arrives at the front lines accompanied with Captain Jae-Oh, the new commanding officer of Alligator Company, and a raw recruit.

” Spanish commercials are accompanied with a mariachi mix of the banjo accompaniment.

” Menards commercials are also accompanied with banjo music played by Gary Shaw of Wisconsin.

Kellar spent several years working with them, until 1873, when he left the Davenports accompanied with Fay.

The deep poetry Jami provides, is usually accompanied with enriched paintings reflecting the complexity of Jami’s work and Persian culture.

The 160 facsimile pages were accompanied with notes and commentaries by Dr. John Plummer.

The album was accompanied with videos for the songs “Bla, Bla, Bla”, “Al Frente”, and “El Panal”.

Works Falconer published: *‘The Voyage of Hanno, translated and accompanied with the Greek text and dissertations,’ Oxford, 1797.

The grains are usually accompanied with small pieces of meat (llamas, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry and more rarely viscacha and mullite).

A dinner of cucumber, garlic and mint tabouleh comes accompanied with rice mixed with minced beef and peas, followed by tea, fruit, cake and more no-nonsense coffee.