ask in a sentence

Don’t ask.

Dare you ask her?

Ask your question.

Let’s ask the teacher.

Did you ask the price?

I have a favor to ask.

I wrote him to ask why.

Don’t ask me for money.

We ask the developers.

It’s no wonder you ask.

Ask him to stay a while.

Ask her what she bought.

Let’s ask some questions.

Might I ask your address?

You can ask him for help.

Let’s ask a travel agent.

Please ask him to call me.

Ask her what she has done.

Ask him the way to station.

I tried to ask her a riddle.

Why don’t we ask his advice?

He has only to ask for help.

They ask her many questions.

Why ask things so selfishly?

I must ask you to excuse me.

I’ll ask you these questions.

I make so bold as to ask you.

I’ll ask him if he will come.

I want to ask a favor of you.

I want to ask you a big favor.

I have a favour to ask of you.

Ask if he wants another drink.

Ask him to stop by for a chat.

He that cannot ask cannot live.

Don’t ask me so many questions.

to ask for help if you need it.

I didn’t have the balls to ask.

Ask her when he will come back.

Ask him about it when he comes.

Ask him to sketch out his plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I’m going to ask for a new desk.

You’ll have to ask someone else.

It is because we ask ignorantly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Ask him where he parked his car.

Ask her how much soup she wants.

Ask her when she will come back.

Ask me whenever you’re in doubt.

I can’t ask for the test results.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you ask him, he will help you.

He’ll do whatever you ask him to.

She can ask and answer questions.

I will ask him about it tomorrow.

You can’t ask us to believe this.

Ask him if he can speak Japanese.

Ask not too, can not, have to do.

We should not ask a woman her age.

May I ask you to close the window?

May I ask you what your weight is?

Why don’t you ask for a pay raise?

You have only to ask for his help.

He had the nerve to ask for money.

I hate to ask you for help, but…

Don’t ask Paul. He’s pig ignorant.

Dial 100 and ask for the operator.

You should ask the man over there.

I ask as I splutter into a tissue.

Let me first ask your forbearance.

Ask to remodel the way of working.

No big deal. I’ll ask John to play.

I don’t know who to ask for advice.

Please ask at the information desk.

I raised my hand to ask a question.

He’s planning to ask for his cards.

Never ask a bard to play the banjo.

Who should I ask about car rentals?

Ask him when the next plane leaves.

Do you mind if I ask you a question?

We didn’t need to ask him to resign.

You’ll have to ask at the newsstand.

I have just one thing to ask of you.

Fire away. ask me anything you like.

They daren’t ask for any more money.

Ask advice from an insurance broker.

Ask him to get rid of his arthritis?

We ask you to account for your delay.

He raised his hand to ask a question.

Better to ask the way than go astray.

Go to your doctor and ask for advice.

He cannot refuse if you ask politely.

He drew alongside and ask me to stop.

I felt obliged to ask them to dinner.

I decided to ask for my friend’s help.

If you have a question, please ask me.

May I ask a very special favor of you?

If you ask me, she’s a little unusual.

Don’t hesitate to ask for information.