ascend in a sentence

The path started to ascend more steeply.

Their inquiries ascend to the antiquity.

Pihl will become a vice president of Ascend.

Without a word, he began to ascend the stairs.

Without a word, the woman began to ascend the stairs.

The path started to ascend more steeply at this point.

Then we ascend steeply through forests of rhododendron.

The divers have begun to ascend to the surface of the water.

The stairs in the Five-Star hotel ascend in a graceful curve.

As we ascend the social ladder, viciousness wears a thicker mask.

Finally I leave, and even more slowly ascend the remaining stairs.

Engineering did not allow for much fluidity of identity to ascend.

Inside, immensely high piers ascend to the vault without any break for capitals.

It took about twenty minutes to ascend the 212 steps, but it was worth the effort.

Three pairs of dark legs, high-top sneakers at their bottoms, ascend toward heaven.