question bank in a sentence

question bank in a sentence

1) After using your question bank , taking Step 2 felt effortless.

2) Your question bank and explanations to questions helped me get my 99!

3) The final exam came word for word from the Robbins Review question bank .

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4) This is the question banks large and small are wrestling with at the moment.

5) Perhaps a modern equivalent of discussing might be video games; or online question banks .

6) I went up 40 points and I didn’t even finish the question bank once.

7) I am in fact thinking of purchasing your question bank again and do the questions again.

8) I have increased my score by 15 points just by going through your question bank once.

9) I believe that it was in great part to the content of your wonderful question banks .

10) Now i m looking forward to doing your question bank for step 2 CK as well.

11) Over 1000 high quality, unrepeated, multiple choice questions; and this question bank is still growing!

12) The question bank provided a level of depth and reasoning I didn’t find with other question banks.

13) The question bank provided a level of depth and reasoning I didn’t find with other question banks .

14) I only completed about 80% of the USMLEWORLD question bank and that’s all I did.

15) The questions found within your immense question bank were absolutely crucial to my success and mastery of Step 1 topics.


example sentences with question bank

16) I am very grateful for your awesome question banks , especially the detailed but easy to read and remember explanations.

17) I used the USMLE World question bank as one of my primary tools for in preparing for the boards.

18) I used several question banks but this one had content and form most like I encountered on the real thing.

19) Not only was your question bank full of high-yield concepts, the question difficulty felt very similar to the real exam.

20) All you really need is 2 years of hard work, a good question bank , and 2 weeks of review.

21) I also had subscriptions to question banks from USMLERx and Kaplan, and USMLEWorld’s questions are far, far superior.

22) I was daunted at the idea of doing basic sciences after 20 years but stuck to your question bank and breezed it.

23) Facilitators (and clients) can prepare for a session by getting MCQs e.g. from the textbook, or an online question bank .

24) I am taking the Step 2 tomorrow and I just want to thank you for providing such a complete and challenging question bank to practice.

25) I passed Step 1 and Step 2 CK on first try with decent scores and I can attribute my success in great part to the use of the USMLE WORLD question bank .

26) I was using your Step 2 CK question bank for 3 monhts and want to acknowledge the tremendous help of your site in my preparation for the test.

27) I am an American M.D. graduate and have used your question banks for Steps 1 and 2, and just recently, for Step 3.

28) My wife & I are taking step 1 in a couple of days and by far your question bank has been the most helpful (we have kaplan & Rx to compare it to).


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29) I took all your question banks and they went a long way in clearing my concepts,increasing my knowledge base and building my confidence.

30) Thanks to your online question bank , which is the only preparation I did, I got scores of 95 and 99 for my Step 1 and Step 2ck.

31) Your assessment taken about a week before the test was spot on placing me around 263, and I have to commend you on your question bank .