military territory in a sentence

military territory in a sentence

1) However, very few civilians actually crossed into the military territory .

2) The official charge was trespassing on U.S. military territory .

3) Arkansas became a military territory under General Edward Ord.

military territory example sentences

4) There was a military territory , too – NCO Clubs, Officers’ Clubs.

5) Colonial rule under the French began in 1900 when the military territory of Chad was established.

6) The military territories would become known as the Croatian military Frontier and were under direct Imperial control.

7) Following the decisive Ottoman victories, Croatia was split into civilian and military territories , with the partition formed in 1538.

8) Territoire Militaire = Part of the Tonkin division that had 5 military territories , one of which was the 1er Territoire Militaire based in Móng Cái.

9) Throughout the history of the AOF, individual colonies and military territories were reorganised numerous times, as was the “Government General” in Dakar.

10) Liên Khu Duyên Hải = military territory comprising four coastal provinces: Phú Yên, Khánh Hòa, Ninh Thuận and Bình Thuận