levitate in a sentence

levitate in a sentence

1) Another hidden ability is to levitate himself.

2) A very strong magnetic field is required to levitate a train.

3) The most impressive thing is a few rooms contain levitating furniture.

levitate example sentences

4) The “good” economic reports and levitating stock market are.

5) He felt something tried to levitate him once .

6) Madness – Why is the sax player levitating ?

7) He made himself levitate over the capital.

8) She can also levitate and emit energy streams.

9) The “X-Ray” nuclear device used a levitated composite core.

10) Did you see all those preachers levitated ?

11) This is magnetically levitated inside the reactor chamber.

12) Try to include or create shadows of your levitating subject.

13) She is also known for levitating volunteers from the audience.

14) She refused to levitate the table from a standing position.

15) For example, many nits can control ice or levitate .


example sentences with levitate

16) To convince him, Sara levitates several objects in the cab.

17) It was then that Van Why saw Decker levitate .

18) Zubar has the power to levitate himself.

19) They can also levitate for short periods of time.

20) Molded, levitated , brute slave force, whatever.

21) Boris Ermolaev a Russian psychic was known for levitating small objects.

22) According to Doyle, he could levitate .

23) Other groups performed similar research that used different techniques to levitate the mass.

24) Cashman stared at Matthew as though he had suddenly levitated .

25) Flippantly, he asked whether I was able to levitate .

26) Ikaris can levitate himself by mentally manipulating gravitons around himself.

27) In the spider pit, there’s a levitate scroll.

28) He is also able to levitate himself over short-distances.


How to use levitate in a sentence

29) This can be used to levitate as well as provide propulsion.

30) I could spend 10 minutes trying to levitate out of a trap.

31) Mimi began to levitate and fired an energy blast at Akemi.

32) Decorate in style during this holiday season with levitating snowflakes.

33) It is a third generation rotary blood pump with a magnetically levitated rotor.

34) As of 2010 operating maglev systems levitate the train by approximately 15 mm.

35) Caine gets annoyed at Penny, and levitates her off the cliff.

36) Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud being made to levitate .

37) The “Yoke” nuclear device used a levitated all-uranium-235 core.

38) Astral levitates rather than walks, and she has no offensive capabilities.

39) Can a ball chain ” levitate ” over a lip of a cup?

40) Can levitate himself or other objects.