cross into in a sentence

cross into in a sentence

1) Often these required interdisciplinary skills crossing into many domains.

2) We’ll cross into three little categories.

3) They are silently crossing into our blood and body.

cross into example sentences

4) We were apprehensive about crossing into Algeria.

5) However, very few civilians actually crossed into the military territory.

6) Indian fishermen crossing into Pakistan face a similar fate.

7) A similar problem occurred when crossing into Ukraine.

8) Our political force will cross into the opposition.

9) The foothills of the southern slopes cross into Mongolian territory.

10) Then it crossed into the Pacific basin.

11) In 1929 a toll bridge was opened which crossed into Mobile.

12) From York a bridge crosses into the village.

13) About 500 persons cross into Niger on a weekly basis.

14) The Voyager 1 has crossed into a new frontier .

15) They later crossed into Turkey, the paper said.


example sentences with cross into

16) On 8 October German troops began crossing into Romania.

17) He worked in emergency services for years before crossing into county administration .

18) This caused an increased number of refugees to cross into Russia.

19) He crossed into Tibet on foot and by animal.

20) The two men crossed into Chile on February 14.

21) Signs of a substantial force were found crossing into Central Brigade.

22) After all , we’ve never crossed into interstellar space before.

23) When they cross into Alabama, they too are arrested.

24) In this way all cross into the 5th dimension.

25) On 25 September the 83rd Division crossed into Luxembourg.

26) The Brazilian army crossed into Uruguay in September 1851.

27) U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan crossed into Pakistan’s tribal.

28) We crossed into Nicaragua and climbed aboard a dilapidated old school bus.


How to use cross into in a sentence

29) The research ship Solo was seized when it crossed into territorial waters.

30) Route 47 enters inhabited areas again as it crosses into Glassboro.

31) It was still only four months since he had crossed into Europe.

32) The Korczowa border crossing into Poland was blocked by protesters.

33) It runs north past Parkersburg before it crosses into Ohio.

34) They were arrested when they crossed into government-controlled territory.

35) Steve then crossed into the Northern Territory and weakened again.

36) After crossing into Nebraska, the group split into two.

37) US 20 crosses into Idaho from Oregon northwest of Parma.

38) It intersects Interstate 16 and then crosses into South Carolina.

39) The UN forces crossed into North Korea in early October 1950.

40) The freeway then crosses into Roscommon County.