diplomatic language in a sentence

diplomatic language in a sentence

1) The letter largely followed standard diplomatic language .

2) Perhaps he could have used more diplomatic language but everything he said was absolutely correct.

3) Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian became one of the diplomatic languages at the porte.

diplomatic language example sentences

4) This is diplomatic language for joint hegemony and a proposed sellout of the Peloponnesian League.

5) The outside world that the President Xi Jinping diplomatic language style approachable, soft but just.

6) Akkadian cuneiform was the diplomatic language of Bronze Age Syria, even within the Egyptian Empire.

7) For many years French had been the diplomatic language of Israel, and it is still taught in many Israeli schools.

8) Due to its longevity and prevalence in the region, Achaemenid rulers eventually adopted it as a ” diplomatic language “.

9) The Obama administration has really done itself no favors by convening these negotiations with no terms of reference, as they’re known in diplomatic language .

10) Unlike their predecessors they were at home in French, now establishing itself as the pre-eminent diplomatic language , and cultivated contacts with foreigners.

11) In the short term there must be more diplomatic language and there must be proper international negotiations at the UN to resolve the problem of Kashmir.

12) Anne is at a great disadvantage during the first months of her new life as she hardly speaks any English or Latin, the diplomatic language of the time.

13) At first, French was used as a diplomatic language , even though most state officials and civil servants were more fluent in English.

14) With U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, the English language was also later introduced to the military and became a secondary diplomatic language .

15) Likewise, in the early 18th century, French replaced Latin as a diplomatic language , due to the commanding presence in Europe of the France of Louis XIV.


example sentences with diplomatic language

16) They sent a woman to tell him in a diplomatic language that while they are not telling the sides how to resolve their differences, America prefers to avoid bloodshed.

17) They cannot speak the diplomatic language ; they generally cannot speak their own correctly….