levitating in a sentence

levitating in a sentence

1) The most impressive thing is a few rooms contain levitating furniture.

2) The “good” economic reports and levitating stock market are.

3) Madness – Why is the sax player levitating ?

levitating example sentences

4) Try to include or create shadows of your levitating subject.

5) She is also known for levitating volunteers from the audience.

6) Boris Ermolaev a Russian psychic was known for levitating small objects.

7) Decorate in style during this holiday season with levitating snowflakes.

8) He uses several orbs as a weapon and rides a levitating palanquin.

9) Stayed in the Levitation room with levitating bath.

10) Whereas I can barely leave the house without someone levitating towards me bearing that grin .

11) He can also levitate other persons and objects, even while simultaneously levitating himself.

12) Witnesses say they later saw Esperanza herself levitating during Mass and engaging in bilocation.

13) When they rushed to his hospital dragging hampers, he was practically levitating with relief.

14) Bono is taking a room filled with economists, mathematicians and policy experts and levitating it.

15) He is rescued and brought aboard Morpheus’s levitating ship, the “Nebuchadnezzar”.


example sentences with levitating

16) What, you were levitating ?

17) Tall, levitating , one-eyed robots built for one purpose: to serve Nazmul.

18) It features advanced technology, morphing clothes, and a dance sequence on a levitating platform.

19) This has sparked interest in applications of the Casimir effect toward the development of levitating devices.

20) The magician Julien Proskauer revealed that the levitating trumpet of Jack Webber was a trick.

21) After fighting his way through levitating creatures, he finds a giant portal and enters it.

22) The pilot episode opens with Sabrina asleep on her 16th birthday, levitating above her bed.

23) This was a complete surprise, as I had been sure that I was actually physically levitating .

24) The creature sits on a large mechanical levitating contraption consisting of a large base with spikes underneath.

25) Indeed, she was said to have been observed levitating during Mass on more than one occasion.

26) Magnetic levitation – Strong magnets levitating a man Can two awesome neodymium magnets levitate a grown man?

27) According to Anderson, the TM movement produced a poster showing Josephson levitating several inches above the floor.

28) Furious with myself for these creeping insidious thoughts I focussed on lengthening my stride and levitating the rucksack.


How to use levitating in a sentence

29) How about having ‘out of the body’ or ‘ levitating in the Spirit’ experiences?

30) Laithwaite was the designer of the world’s first magnetically levitating train – the ‘MagLev’.

31) Players have seven spells available to them, including levitating objects within the game, flying and making fire.

32) Thor – This levitating juggernaut serves as Primatron’s bodyguard, and has the firepower to prove it.

33) Magneto is shown levitating .

34) If objects near the Holy Ark were to start levitating , we would look first in the ark.

35) The new theater seats about 700 patrons, has state-of-art sound and lighting, and a levitating orchestra pit.

36) With first generation designs, the pressure regulator weight begins levitating above its nozzle, allowing excess steam to escape.

37) It ‘s a bad thruster, but implied it would be great at levitating something that didn’t accelerate?

38) The effect can be used for stunts such as levitating a telephone book by concealing an aluminium plate within it.

39) Over the mountains a mad tortoise flew, spouted upon by levitating whales that in the zenith hung like Zeppelins.

40) The retouching showed that Mirabelli was not levitating but was standing on a ladder which was erased from the photograph.