school board in a sentence

school board in a sentence

1) The city council appointed school board members until 1969.

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2) School board discusses possible property tax increase .

3) Two school board seats also are open.

school board example sentences

4) I started going to school board meetings.

5) Our school board started the dress code four years ago.

6) board schools were managed by elected school boards .

7) It has been repeatedly banned by school boards .

8) His punishment was later withdrawn by school board officials .

9) It shows the school board is responsive.

10) The school board accepted bids this week.

11) ID has been kicked out of school boards .

12) Were the school board actions heralded or dismissed?

13) The community is invited to this special school board meeting.

14) And the implications for locally elected school boards are great.

15) The election for school board position 4 is upon us.


example sentences with school board

16) My daughter went to the school board last night.

17) In some areas school boards pioneered new educational ideas.

18) A charter school board may not acquire property by eminent domain.

19) The first school board was elected in 1963.

20) For the operational tasks a school board is responsible.

21) The concept was sold to the school board .

22) This request was rejected by the school board .

23) Prior to 1998 the school board was elected.

24) Each district is headed by an elected school board .

25) Eligibility for participation is determined by school board policy.

26) Three out of seven school board spots were open .

27) This column misses the point of electing school board members .

28) It was a heated topic during the last school board meeting .


How to use school board in a sentence

29) But not every school board member opposes the legislation .

30) He has served twelve years on the school board .

31) Some school boards are trying hard to achieve this.

32) The school board’s final proposal did indeed reflect that change.

33) School board elections were invariably fought on religious grounds.

34) The Beverly Hills school board declined both requests.

35) The school board meets the second Wednesday of every month.

36) The first proposal was to eliminate the school board altogether.

37) The school board was appointed in those days by the mayor.

38) Have you been to your local school board meetings recently?

39) Mrs. Blackwell later filed a lawsuit against the school board .

40) Ultimately, eligibility is determined by the local school board .