complain to me in a sentence

complain to me in a sentence

1) He may, perhaps he should, complain to me .

2) His wife has complained to me separately about this on occasion.

3) He complained to me , “Muslims are very obstinate.

complain to me example sentences

4) One of them once complained to me about too much media focus .

5) Strauss once bitterly complained to me .

6) A friend of mine complained to me that he is having trouble financially .

7) No one ever has complained to me about that historical fact being stated.

8) Archivists relentlessly complain to me that we language folks are too granular.

9) Two junior ministers complained to me of Portillo’s ideological zeal in cabinet committee.

10) If you complain to me that the weight equipment is old, shut up.

11) Friends from other countries who hate Americans & complain to me all the time.

12) My wife is happy with hers , and has never once complained to me about performance.

13) It has come to the point that they won’t even complain to me about usually.

14) My female friend was complaining to me about how annoying a guy who persistently chatted to her was.

15) She complained to me of having been rudely treated by a North Carolina officer, the morning previous.


example sentences with complain to me

16) Many mums complain to me that they can slightly push the natural breast that their signature freely desperately needs.

17) The head chef of a major culinary academy was complaining to me about how wasteful his students were with saffron.

18) Clients complain to me that they are not appreciated for their work contributions and are treated negatively by their supervisors.

19) My best friend, Amy, who works at Hallmark after school, also complained to me about voting hours.

20) On a one-to-one basis many people working in banks will complain to me about the models they have to implement.

21) And I ‘ve certainly never had anybody complain to me (and I have dated some obnoxiously straight-forward people).

22) The former director of broadcasting in Tanzania complained to me that the politicians did not understand the professional methods of broadcasters.

23) I’ve lost count of the number of writers who complained to me about the lack of reaction to their articles.

24) Older tech engineers have complained to me over the last couple of years about age discrimination and their inability to get hired .

25) There are New Yorker readers who can’t understand why I liked Raising Arizona and they still complain to me about it.

26) If you buy the second creating a much healthier first, Don’t complain to me about lacking all of the facts.

27) I mean, he likes the film, he has complained to me about the epilogue, which he does not like.

28) If he complained to me about it, I would accuse him of being disrespectful and punish him in front of her.


How to use complain to me in a sentence

29) Please do not go on to these sites and then complain to me that you are offended by my offering these links.

30) A friend of mine using the same weight-loss method complained to me that she is only losing one pound a week, to which I exclaimed, “Those pounds add up!

31) One of boys once complained to me , “I can understand you so well, but you can’t understand me”, like it was my fault!!I almost laughed out loud!

32) I didn’t read all of the comments but what I do if I have a complaint or somebody complains to me I take it to the Lord in prayer and leave it in His hands.