black armband in a sentence

black armband in a sentence

1) The black armband strained on one sleeve.

2) Each of the team wore a black armband .

3) His teammates also agreed to wear black armbands for the match.

black armband example sentences

4) Fordyce ultimately competed wearing a black armband to signal his protest.

5) The Dutch team Belkin wore black armbands .

6) Madonna also honored Jackson by wearing a black armband and a white glove.

7) Mrs Rundle sewed black armbands to their coats, even Victoria’s.

8) He, like many riders, had worn a black armband to memorialize Tondó.

9) In general, servants wore black armbands when there had been a death in the household.

10) Teams from some countries, including Australia also wore black armbands in respect of Kumaritashvili.

11) The only things missing were the black armbands when the team took the field at Perth.

12) In Howard’s memory, the Yankees wore black armbands on their sleeve during the season.

13) He sagged inside his best grey suit, and his black armband looked like a bandage.

14) The case involved several students who were punished for wearing black armbands to protest the Vietnam War.

15) FIFA subsequently allowed the English, Scottish and Welsh teams to wear poppies on black armbands .


example sentences with black armband

16) The Frenchman celebrated by kissing the black armband the players wore in memory of the Hillsborough victims.

17) Ordered black armbands to wear with the individuals name on them for a dinner held honoring them.

18) There were also protests in other countries, many adopting the use of black armbands as well.

19) Rather CMU encouraged their members to go to work wearing black armbands as a means to protest.

20) Members of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Senators wore black armbands during the 1925 World Series.

21) The Yankees also added a black armband in memory of Ralph Houk upon his death on July 21.

22) Black armbands were worn by clubs up and down the country the following weekend as a mark of respect.

23) Following the incident, the Indian media began to wear black armbands and incited the populace against the Australians.

24) Also there are small knots of people, each wearing black armbands around one of their arms, signifying death.

25) The match was played seven days after the death of King George V, with both teams wearing black armbands .

26) Players and coaches also will don black armbands in honor of their friends , families and neighbors in affected areas.

27) All matches of the Campeonato Brasileiro 2007 started with a minute of silence, while all players wore black armbands .

28) Fourteen black athletes are kicked off the University of Wyoming football team for wearing black armbands into their coach’s office.


How to use black armband in a sentence

29) Belgian MPs are identified by black armbands with the letters MP in white block letters, worn on the left arm.

30) When Hemingway was presumed dead in a plane crash, Charles recalls, students represented their mass mourning by wearing black armbands .

31) In Tinker , you may recall, school officials prohibited students from wearing black armbands to school in protest the Vietnam War.

32) About 1,000 people wearing black armbands protested Friday night in Mumbai , long considered one of India’s safest cities for women.

33) The Des Moines School Board had banned the wearing of black armbands by students (in this case indicating mourning for soldiers and civilians killed in Vietnam).

34) People with rooms to sleep in will have to make do with tents or park benches. 2 Everyone in the industry is wearing black armbands .

35) Dutch cyclists wear a black armband in honor of the crash victims on the 13th stage of the Tour de France between Saint-Etienne and Chamrousse on July 18.

36) To honor Johnny’s memory, the team added a black armband to the right sleeve of their road uniform, as well as added a black patch with a white 6 to their home uniform.