civilian control in a sentence

civilian control in a sentence

1) The armed forces are firmly under civilian control .

2) In 1945 the castle was returne

civilian control example sentences

4) Area A was land under full Palestinian civilian control .

5) Should it be under civilian control or military control?

6) The Reconstruction constitution returned civilian control of the state.

7) Lincoln’s actions shifted the power back to civilian control .

8) Huntington’s answer to the control dilemma was “objective civilian control .

9) We train them in notions like civilian control of the military.

10) Civilian control of the military was not guaranteed by the constitution.

11) The army is under civilian control .

12) A gradual transition to civilian control will happen over the next days.

13) Station area transferred to civilian control .

14) Eventually the changes led to United States civilian control of California.

15) Prachanda says it is a question of civilian control of the military.


example sentences with civilian control

16) It was inactivated and returned to civilian control on March 31, 1993.

17) It also validated Washington’s stature as a leading proponent of civilian control .

18) Ensuring civilian control of the military.

19) Elements of the security forces frequently and with impunity acted independently of civilian control .

20) The de jure opposite of civilian control of the military is a military dictatorship.

21) The aerial facilities are now civilian controlled by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

22) In times of peace and stability, military forces were firmly subordinated to civilian control .

23) Civilian control is often seen as a prerequisite feature of a stable, liberal democracy.

24) By US Law : US civilian control of the US Military.

25) There were instances in which elements of the security forces acted independently of civilian control .

26) Under Root’s proposal, formulation of broad American policies would continue under civilian control .

27) Other countries generally have civilian control of the military, to one degree or another.

28) Thus, it is not a question either of military concerns or of civilian control .


How to use civilian control in a sentence

29) Nauru has no armed forces, though there is a small police force under civilian control .

30) How much the Tunisian military will subordinate its institutions to civilian control remains to be seen.

31) To put it simply, the more “objective civilian control ,” the more military security.

32) Advocates of civilian control generally take a Clausewitzian view of war, emphasizing its political character.

33) Both Whigs and Tories distrusted the creation of a large standing army not under civilian control .

34) For several weeks after the February 28 Incident, the Taiwanese civilians controlled much of Taiwan.

35) Civilian control , then, is the independent variable for the subsequent dependent variable of military effectiveness.

36) However, on March 23, Kucinich publicly suspended Hongisto for refusing to accept civilian control .

37) In Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia, there is a fair amount of civilian control .

38) These two principles and his belief in civilian control of the military guided him throughout his career.

39) It was created in 1995 to bring public security under civilian control as mandated in Haiti’s constitution.