online survey in a sentence

online survey in a sentence

1) Data was collected through an online survey .

2) On occasion we may conduct online surveys .

3) The online survey will run until June 10.

online survey example sentences

4) The online survey had 809 randomly selected respondents .

5) The best way of making money is the online surveys .

6) This is a very brief online survey — only 10 questions.

7) The CFIA received 125 completed online surveys .

8) Through online surveys you can make money very … easily.

9) Online surveys are not the only option.

10) More than 36,000 women participated in the online survey .

11) Next week the local will conduct an online survey of members.

12) Completing an online survey won another twenty-five credits.

13) These were supplemented by an online survey which produced 46 usable responses.

14) They owner says they evaluate their techs with online surveys .

15) Sophos online survey , 300 respondents, October 2007.


example sentences with online survey

16) Sophos online survey , 200 respondents, November 2007.

17) Information submitted if you take part in an online survey .

18) An online survey was also conducted among 1,000 girls aged 10-21.

19) I was pleased with the response rate generated from my online survey .

20) The online survey was conducted from August 14-20, 2013.

21) They used an online survey tool .

22) Send email newsletters , campaigns, online surveys and autoresponder autoresponders.

23) Provide feedback in an online survey .

24) The MLS has since not allowed any online surveys to name expansion teams.

25) What Is Get Cash For online surveys ?

26) Ontario SPCA’s online survey will tell you just that!

27) Almost 4,000 teachers replied to the online survey over a 3 week period.

28) Anthropology Inc. Forget online surveys and dinnertime robo-calls.


How to use online survey in a sentence

29) Anthropology Inc. Forget online surveys and dinnertime robo-calls .

30) The final online survey was conducted between May 14 and June 8, 2007.

31) Some 172 respondents replied to Panorama’s online survey between September and January.

32) The national online survey of 1,009 Australians was conducted 1-7 June.

33) Feedback was received through an online survey and by email, fax and mail.

34) Results are based on a nationally representative quantitative online survey of 401 companion animal veterinarians.

35) At various times, online surveys are being conducted on the College’s website.

36) The trap of focus groups and even online surveys is to review them verbatim.

37) Furthermore, e-mail addresses for the subsequent online survey were recorded with this questionnaire.

38) One online survey published a “top ten” list of reasons for dropping out.

39) This is a broad consultation , mainly in the form of an online survey .

40) An online survey of thirty-two questions was conducted on one-hundred seventy-five respondents.