attack in a sentence

I had a heart attack.

I had an asthma attack.

He died of a heart attack.

The attack was unsuccessful.

The army redoubled its attack.

He made an undisguised attack.

He formulated a plan of attack.

The enemy attack ceased at dawn.

He suffered a mild heart attack.

The hostile army began to attack.

He’d gladly wade into the attack.

He was killed in a mortar attack.

Our troops are now on the attack.

The enemy’s attack ceased at dawn.

An attack of paralysis seized him.

The base was braced for an attack.

She is suffering a bilious attack.

The enemy launched an attack on us.

Let’s attack one problem at a time.

She felt a bilious attack coming on.

The newspaper toned down its attack.

Nature is under attack on all fronts.

I think he’s having an asthma attack.

She defended herself from the attack.

Stress can bring on an asthma attack.

The enemy was appalled at our attack.

Right. – Is he having a panic attack?

It had brought on an attack of asthma.

The army was ready to repel an attack.

They are in imminent danger of attack.

The enemy kept up their attack all day.

The enemy kept up the attack all night.

He died of a heart attack on the stage.

The soldiers resisted the enemy attack.

Rioter attack the bank and post office.

The attack on him was quite deliberate.

Nothing could avail against our attack.

They fortified the area against attack.

They had not visualised such an attack.

What was the motivation for the attack?

The attack on Charles was deeply unjust.

The attack will jump off at first light.

She died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

You must try to hold back German attack.

She was the victim of a sickening attack.

A panic attack a sudden feeling of terror.

Our orders are to attack their left flank.

The army planned to attack enemy arsenals.

The attack would bog down sooner or later.

They beat off an attack by the rebel army.

Heath will play alongside Smith in attack.

The RAF provided air cover for the attack.

He made a scathing attack on the statement.

Our orders were to attack their left flank.

The cat hogged himself to attack a big dog.

He was stabbed to death in a racist attack.

The general chalked out his plan of attack.

We anticipated where the enemy would attack.

The soldiers were ordered to make an attack.

I was suddenly seized by an attack of cramp.

Severe shock can bring on an attack of acne.

They rebuffed the enemy attack from the air.

This attack of influenza has crocked him up.

He suffered horrific injuries in the attack.

She was murdered in a frenzied knife attack.

The school was destroyed in an arson attack.

The soldiers launched into a violent attack.

The secret service guards him against attack.

I was on the spot when he had a heart attack.

A Finnish man survived an attack by a beaver.

A panic attack is a sudden feeling of terror.

She had her first heart attack the other day.

They knew when to attack and when to retreat.

A family must defend its home against attack.

A spearhead of tanks led the infantry attack.

Nothing could avail against the enemy attack.

The commander decided to call off the attack.

Score 250 points in Attack of the Gummy Dice.

Arsenal’s opening attack was fast and furious.

His attack on the government was pure vitriol.

It’s not anything to have a panic attack over.

The brutal attack resulted in the man’s death.

The rumours of an attack were later confirmed.

The surprise attack dismayed the enemy troops.

As she finished, she had another panic attack.

His directorship has come under fierce attack.

She described the shooting as a wicked attack.

The town was heavily fortified against attack.

Who could have carried out such a vile attack?

A disorganized attack was mounted and repulsed.

Enemies change attack patterns as you level up.

He suffered a fatal heart attack while cycling.

In 1742 he suffered a fatal attack of smallpox.

The attack jumped off under cover of a barrage.

The attack of flu left her feeling very groggy.

Our defences must be reinforced against attack.

She was obviously in distress after the attack.

She was the innocent victim of an arson attack.

The Allies regrouped and launched a new attack.