attend in a sentence

use attend in a sentence

You can’t attend?

I’ll attend the meeting.

Every member must attend.

I didn’t attend his funeral.

I will not attend the party.

May good fortune attend you!

Which school do they attend?

Attend to your own business.

Attend to what concerns you.

He didn’t attend the meeting.

You can attend on either day.

She wants to attend the party.

We need not attend the meeting.

She paid to attend the concert.

I could not attend the meeting.

Who will attend on the orphans?

I’m going to attend the meeting.

I could not attend the ceremony.

You must attend to your studies.

Must I attend the party tonight?

Are you going to attend ceremony?

You must attend to what she says.

I am bound to attend the meeting.

We did not expect many to attend.

He wasn’t able to attend the party.

I am willing to attend the meeting.

It was incumbent on them to attend.

Our children attend the same school.

I’m so busy I can’t attend the party.

Destruction and misery attend on war.

We have to attend to what he tells us.

She decided not to attend the meeting.

They were asked to attend the meeting.

Attend to your work and stop talking.

You can’t attend two concurrent events!

Either he or I am to attend the meeting.

She had no dress to attend the party in.

We’re too busy to attend to such detail.

He did not attend the meeting yesterday.

He had to attend a sequence of meetings.

He has only one servant to attend on him.

He made me attend the party in his place.

He used to attend to his literary salons.

I have some urgent business to attend to.

It is important that he attend every day.

Who will attend the meeting on her behalf?

She makes it a rule to attend any meeting.

She will attend the meeting instead of me.

He offered to go and attend to the matter.

She had an emergency patient to attend to.

I must attend my history class on Thursday.

How many people attend church every Sunday?

The main thing is to attend to the injured.

He was invited to attend a seminar in Paris.

He was not willing to attend the colloquium.

I shall, if you wish, attend to your father.

It is important for him to attend every day.

Either he or I have to attend the convention.

Don’t forget to count how many people attend.

He refused to attend out of sheer perversity.

I esteem it an honour to attend this meeting.

Sadly we weren’t able to attend the nuptials.

You have to drop everything and attend to it.

I got up early in order to attend the meeting.

I had to go and attend to him by the roadside.

The staff will helpfully attend to your needs.

President Barack Obama will attend the service.

He got up early in order to attend the meeting.

She cannot attend school on account of illness.

I take it as a pleasure to attend your lecture.

I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend.

He made his son attend the meeting in his place.

It is important that he should attend every day.

We have another event to attend on the same day.

He has not been able to attend school for a week.

I had promised Nightingale to attend the lecture.

We were obligated to attend the opening ceremony.

He canceled the appointment to attend the meeting.

I didn’t attend the meeting, and he didn’t either.

To my sorrow, my father cannot attend the meeting.

I couldn’t attend the party on account of illness.

I didn’t attend the meeting owing to the headache.

Women are not allowed to attend public gatherings.

I’m sorry but I can’t attend the meeting in person.

My wife did not attend the party and neither did I.

She explained that she couldn’t attend the meeting.

Did they even attend the mosque on a regular basis?

Look up words in advance, before you attend a class.

He called in to say he could not attend the meeting.

Whatever she may say, I will not attend the meeting.

I was unable to attend the party, nor did I want to.

He telephoned to say he couldn’t attend the meeting.

Many young mothers do not attend antenatal classes .

People came from far and near to attend his lecture.

Do you attend operas , or do you read tawdry novels ?

He left, saying he had pressing matters to attend to.

It might be appropriate for him to attend the course.

Students are required to attend prayers twice a week.