attire in a sentence

attire in a sentence

Appropriate attire is coat and tie .

Guests are requested to wear formal attire.

He glanced uneasily at his own evening attire.

All the waiters were dressed in nautical attire.

He had no intention of changing his mode of attire.

Her attention was attracted by his peculiar attire.

But swimsuits are the attire of the brave and very slim.

I hardly think jeans are appropriate attire for a wedding.

Their attire was a mixture of the sombre and seaside wear.

He was surrounded by a bevy of beauties in bathing attire.

Ken was in his usual attire of raincoat over flannel trousers.

Appropriate attire for brothers and candidates is coat and tie .

She doffs her garb worn under fire and wears again female attire.

She doffs her garb worn under fire And wears again female attire.

The only variation in attire was how tightly the towel was rolled.

Formal attire or coat and tie are the most popular forms of attire.

Singers pay dues of about $ 10 per month and provide their own concert attire.

Nor was he dressed himself like a bridegroom, but in strange disordered attire.

People wear slacks, sweaters, flat shoes, and all manner of casual attire for travel.

Women use pieces of attire … to reinscribe themselves in the patriarchal system ….

The Chiefs dress in the traditional attire of Plains Indians, not in Cherokee regalia.