ballistic missile in a sentence

ballistic missile in a sentence

1) A ballistic missile training building was constructed in 1959.

2) The system is also effective against short range tactical ballistic missiles .

3) It is currently developing its own nuclear ballistic missile .

ballistic missile example sentences

4) Its anti ballistic missile test was also successful.

5) Most military submarines are either attack submarines or ballistic missile submarines.

6) Subsequent variations were developed to intercept ballistic missiles .

7) Iran’s ballistic missiles serve several purposes.

8) Defence against ballistic missiles was also becoming a priority.

9) We were not going to launch ballistic missiles .

10) Intercontinental ballistic missiles were on everyone’s mind.

11) In 1972, just nine countries had ballistic missiles .

12) Ballistic missiles are largely used for land attack missions.

13) An explosive blast fragmentation warhead also can destroy a ballistic missile .

14) Iraq declares the existence of 89 ballistic missiles and chemical weapons.

15) Threats today from ballistic missiles are real , present and growing.


example sentences with ballistic missile

16) Aster 30 is capable of ballistic missile defense.

17) The mobile X-band radar detects ballistic missiles immediately after launch.

18) At first, ballistic missiles had only one warhead each.

19) You want the key to Soviet ballistic missile guidance systems?

20) The data suggested five intercontinental ballistic missiles were heading toward the country.

21) What is the ballistic missile threat from North Korea?

22) This was the first Air Force ballistic missile wing.

23) The Trident Turning Basin supports Navy ballistic missile submarines.

24) The self-contained system finally prevailed in ballistic missile applications for obvious reasons.

25) This greatly increases the lethality against ballistic missiles of all types.

26) There are also 24 Scud ballistic missiles with eight launchers.

27) Iraq acquired the technology to develop intermediate-range ballistic missiles .

28) China’s existing long-range SAM inventory offers limited capability against ballistic missiles .


How to use ballistic missile in a sentence

29) On 27 January 2013, China did another anti ballistic missile test.

30) Similarly, an Intercontinental ballistic missile also targets a vector.

31) It will provide exo-atmospheric interception of ballistic missiles .

32) I’m glad we’re not doing the ballistic missile test.

33) There are still technological hurdles to an effective defense against ballistic missile attack.

34) Four ships are being fitted out for Tactical ballistic missile Defense.

35) The Second Artillery controls China’s nuclear and conventional ballistic missiles .

36) The commission was expected to recommend the on-site destruction of ballistic missiles .

37) Russia possesses the only operational ballistic missile defense system in the world.

38) However, no longer-range ballistic missiles were fired during that conflict.

39) The Defense Ministry said the interceptor missile successfully destroyed a ballistic missile .

40) The threat posed by ballistic missiles requires a methodical, long-term strategy.