being alone in a sentence

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I can understand the mentality of the woman on her dog being alone.”

But they are far from being alone in that respect.

He told the interpreter that he has holes in his memory and feels “crazy” after being alone on the water for so long.

It’s hard being alone, sitting at home every night by myself.”

It’s not easy and you’re more aware of being alone and not having a family to share what should be a wonderful time.

She knows, also, that being alone feels worse during the holidays, when everyone else to is home with family.

So what can you do to avoid avoiding your fear of being alone?

The invitation was extended because they wanted my company, not because they felt sorry for me being alone.

There isn’t anything stipulated within the law about kids being alone outside, said Cherylyn Harley LeBon, a mom of two.

After almost a month of being alone in the dark, with nobody else to talk to, Dave began to hallucinate.

Because you feel that you are watching the program with a group of people instead of being alone.

Chris’s mum, Sue is recently separated from her husband and is trying to cope with being alone.

I got used to being alone, he says, while boiling water on a wood stove to prepare maté.

So Ian is really playing with fire and risking his marriage just by being alone with Clare.