boiling water in a sentence

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It’s certainly as fun-and more productive-than watching boiling water freeze in this weather.

Pretty obvious but someone would have slugged down a glass of boiling water and sued the county for millions.

Erwiana returned to Indonesia in January last year, where doctors said burns on her body were caused by boiling water.

He made a fire and started boiling water, still unable to eat.

He was cooking pasta, boiling water on the stove.

I thought the article was saying that it was boiling water underneath the road that melted it?

Put your meat of choice into a plastic bag, plop it into a pot of boiling water, and you’re pretty much there.

The second one, shove it all in a vat of boiling water.

You can drop them in boiling water to get their skins to come off, but it does tend to make the fruit kind of mushy.

He died in 1982 after approaching a woman who was frightened by him, and who badly scalded Ramachandra with boiling water.

I got used to being alone, he says, while boiling water on a wood stove to prepare maté.

I just see myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me.”

The boiling water is replaced every 3-4 minutes until the duck’s skin is piping hot.

Water’s boiling point boiling water By definition water boils at 100 °C ( ) at one atmosphere.