consistency in a sentence

The main thing that dreams lack is consistency.

consistency is often the most neglected part of people’s efforts to become more fit.

Aldous Huxley once remarked that consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life.

The only completely consistent people are dead.

There is a noticeable lack of consistency in his work.

One day he does really well, and then the next day he can’t seem to get anything done.

They are all hypocrites and have no sense of consistency whatsoever.

So far the consistency hasn’t been good enough on either end of the floor.

The mud that is covering the site has the consistency of pudding, he said.

They might change size, color, or consistency when you’re sexually aroused.

Mash until no large pieces of avocado remain, or to your desired consistency.

Dr. Gregory is the epitome of commitment, consistency and dedication to duty.

Its the batsmen who just don’t seem to have any sort of consistency or game plan.

I mean, it is impossible to ignore the consistency of these stories, Abrams said.

It gives us some time to work out some things offensively in terms of consistency.

So I think that was more of — I wouldn’t say mental, but just more of a consistency.

For some reason, I just can’t get the consistency that I would like to have out there.

Toronto, meanwhile, is searching for consistency after a series of up-and-down outings.

Put another way, you’re paying for consistency, growth and yield – which are well worth it.

Despite the consistency of the polls, there is still widespread skepticism the NDP will win.

Combine the turkey, egg, breadcrumbs, and salsa until your meat is of a uniform consistency.

“You want to go one better, but to be able to podium two years in a row, it shows consistency.

54307 And the consistency of the iOS interface makes it much more comfortable and predictable.

“Work ethic, consistency, performance, the fact that we were able to structure the deal as we did.

The photos were all shot at sunset, resulting in a captivating consistency and organic golden glow.

Spokesman, Cllr Adam Price, said: “The report highlights a lack of consistency in service delivery.

Obviously that’s many years’ work that’s gone into building that sort of consistency, Murray added.