skepticism in a sentence

Charles Darwin once suggested that a good deal of skepticism in a scientific man is advisable to avoid much loss of time.

The government’s announcement of another study to determine if taxes are too high was met with a great deal of skepticism.

Carl Sagan once wrote that it is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.

In France, chocolate was initially met with skepticism, and was considered a dangerous drug, and was only accepted after the Paris faculty of medicine gave its approval.

Philosopher Denis Diderot once remarked that what has not been examined impartially has not been well examined.

skepticism is therefore the first step toward truth.

The company’s lofty goals have been met with considerable skepticism.

The president’s announcement was received with skepticism by analysts.

The move is the latest manifestation of Dutch skepticism toward Europe.

But CNN intelligence and security analyst Bob Baer expressed skepticism.

GM has likewise created some of the skepticism that’s dragged down its shares.

Investor skepticism over Brazil’s prospects has grown over the last few years.

Although he has tried to backtrack, the White House has reacted with skepticism.

Slip behind the wheel, and suddenly your skepticism and confusion will melt away.

British lawmakers have expressed skepticism that the 20% markup was “reasonable.”

You hear the Court’s skepticism clear concern about EPA’s motives coming through.”

Nevertheless, these are new powers, untried and untested, and skepticism is in order.

He and Erdogan have shared more over the years than a skepticism of the PYD and the PKK.

But these numbers should be treated with skepticism, warns Joao de Sousa of AMI, a charity.

It’s interesting that there was some skepticism from Solidarity about the proposals of WiP.

Despite the consistency of the polls, there is still widespread skepticism the NDP will win.

Energy experts have expressed skepticism about the economics of Arctic drilling for some time.

Russia on Friday again expressed skepticism about blaming the Syrian government, which is its ally.

For the time being, Macri’s move has met with skepticism among Brazilian and Uruguayan politicians.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also voiced skepticism over the former secretary of state’s timing.

Since this deal is easier for the U.S., it will not collapse based entirely on America’s skepticism.

Paul is viewed with some skepticism by members of the American right who hold strong pro-Israel views.

Geisler shows that skepticism and agnosticism are self-refuting.