dropped in a sentence

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Learn how to use dropped in a sentence – Example sentences:

Enrollment dropped to 34 and test scores were abysmal .

Nothing like the wimpy little A-bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

The explosion is now estimated to have been 1,000 times more powerful than the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima .

He dropped a vase.

He dropped in on me.

He dropped his voice.

He dropped her a line.

Prices dropped recently.

The ship dropped anchor.

He dropped in to see us.

Prices dropped suddenly.

The price of meat dropped.

He dropped in on a friend.

He dropped in at my house.

He often dropped in on me.

She dropped out of school.

I dropped them off at Kanda.

I almost dropped the plates.

One of her shoes dropped off.

He dropped in at a bookstore.

He dropped out of high school.

A book dropped from the shelf.

He dropped in on me yesterday.

He dropped in at the bookstore.

He dropped in on me last night.

His voice dropped to a whisper.

He dropped the cup and broke it.

A coin dropped out of his pocket.

They dropped out of their school.

His customers dropped off.

yigitpiaHe dropped his books on the floor.

My uncle dropped in on me yesterday.

The plane dropped bombs on the city.

He dropped lemon juice into his tea.

He dropped a letter into the mailbox.

I was dropped from the baseball team.

He dropped in at my house last night.

Mr Mitsue dropped in on me yesterday.

Interest in the game has dropped off.

She dropped lemon juice into her tea.

He dropped out half way into the race.

He dropped in on us from time to time.

They dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

My sister dropped her plate on the floor.

A ripe apple dropped from the tree.

piterkeoHe was dropped because of his running mate.

He dropped out when he was in the th grade.

The enemy dropped many bombs on the factory.

There was a sudden calm as the wind dropped.

He dropped his wineglass and broke its stem.

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