hear about in a sentence

hear about in a sentence

1) You might often hear about exceptions being slow.

2) A young woman had heard about his occasional guitar shows.

3) You always hear about kids doing it.

hear about example sentences

4) I heard about single speeding quite by accident.

5) You may have heard about “structured water” before.

6) Little is heard about policy effects or outcomes.

7) You are hearing about hatred and war.

8) Most early converts probably never heard about the 1820 vision.

9) We never hear about that baby again .

10) I had never heard about it before.

11) She probably hadn’t heard about guns.

12) We have heard about this earlier today.

13) Too bad so few hear about it.

14) Ever heard about “Angels in disguise”?

15) Years ago I heard about something that sounded crazy.


example sentences with hear about

16) We especially want to hear about dietary restrictions.

17) Helen was surprised to hear about the case.

18) Very glad to hear about the propagation efforts!

19) I still want to hear about anything unusual.

20) One often hears about the screwed distribution of wealth.

21) Wait until the wife hears about this.

22) I just never hear about anybody trying I guess.

23) Chris sorry to hear about your dad.

24) We often hear about testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

25) I just kept hearing about her everywhere.

26) And love to hear about they country.

27) I heard about 10 songs by various famous so-called singers.

28) I have never hear about this water filter system.


How to use hear about in a sentence

29) That is something we love to hear about !

30) You may have heard about them already.

31) There are thousands daily that we never hear about .

32) And pleased to hear about your addiction.

33) I am very sorry to hear about your friend.

34) They are too young to hear about it.

35) Type 2 diabetes is the form we hear about constantly today.

36) We hear about the loss of habitat.

37) Ive heard about the ride for years.

38) Within hours everyone in town has heard about it.

39) You heard about such things, of course.