easy use in a sentence

easy use in a sentence

1) Make compost spreading much easier using the proper resources.

2) Each page has been carefully planned for easy use .

3) Again this is easy using a tool like dig.

easy use example sentences

4) The questions are categorized into seven major divisions for easier use .

5) uses text based scripts for easy use with CVS.

6) The money should be in small denominations for easier use .

7) I like the easy use with zero complicity .

8) Searching is also very easy using NHibernate.

9) The CVT paddle shift system was altered for easier use .

10) Paying for help is easy using Google Wallet.

11) Fundraising is easy using our online fundraising tool, firstgiving .

12) The easy use of language is in human-human dialogue.

13) Drawing the start of the handle is easy using the oval drawing tool.

14) This easy use by non specialists is the great advantage of pictorial keys.

15) Another addition is an ambidextrous selector lever for easier use with left-handed shooters.


example sentences with easy use

16) Course holes are rated most difficult to easiest using a system mainly based on distance.

17) Accessing all of these items is quite easy using the game’s quick inventory system.

18) The easiest uses the LED heart to indicate which direction to turn the box next .

19) Hatching shiny pokemon is substantially easier using the Masuda method than hatching shinies otherwise.

20) Finally, the “Propædias Outline of Knowledge was simplified for easier use .

21) Overall , I’m really happy with gNewsReader’s snappy responsiveness and easy use .

22) Fast, safe, and easy used car financing and loans for people with bad credit.

23) Insulating these chilled water components can be easy using Ever Green’s chill-in insulation kits.

24) But for wider and easier use system was needed and the need was becoming ever more pressing.

25) The cover folds back and props the iPad up into multiple viewing angles for easy use .

26) Perl CronDump Details Restore Process Restoring a backup is also easy using MySQLDumper.

27) Drawing a representative sample of telephone households is easy using the random-digit methods discussed in chapter 6.

28) And if there are requests outside of your expertise, referrals are also easy using social media.


How to use easy use in a sentence

29) You can copy these formulas and programs for easy use in your spreadsheet or analysis software.

30) Developing social networks around these products is ever easier using online tools, encouraging the consumption of products.

31) Safe and easy use by those with disabilities in the bathroom and next to the toilet.

32) Condoms may seem awkward at first, but the more you practise the easier using them becomes.

33) These are accessible through RAII locks (__CODE__ and __CODE__) and locking algorithms for easy use .

34) The drop-off bins are housed within well designed closets for easy use with good instructions and green roofs.

35) This tie is a quick and easy use of stock EL Wire and an inverter from Sparkfun.

36) The public will also benefit from the reformatting and simplification of the TCPIA manual for easier use .

37) The easy use of the word by a woman in other settings indicates her independence of social norms.

38) This is one of the best things about running Ubuntu, updates are incredibly easy using the aptitude tool.

39) For easy use of the device we recommend that you purchase the Protego Software Development Kit PSDK.

40) Sure, you can do this on your own, but this is much easier using this app.