lined up in a sentence

lined up in a sentence

1) We have very exciting things lined up .

2) Everything is lined up underneath the tab stop.

3) They lined up four deep and several hundred across.

lined up example sentences

4) He has a brief farewell tour lined up .

5) The 8 columns lined up , create 64 squares.

6) The villagers all lined up to watch.

7) Basically the entire political spectrum is lined up against them.

8) A crowd of people were lined up .

9) There you will find performers lined up during busy weekends.

10) DO have a home inspector lined up .

11) The empty glasses of four more are lined up before her.

12) I rarely lined up anything with him.

13) Luckily we had a speedy alternate lined up .

14) The lawyers were lined up like they always are.

15) And two more are lined up to record.


example sentences with lined up

16) The men were then lined up and shot.

17) Its little bumps lined up basically in between my cheeks.

18) They’re lined up around the block.

19) Fans lined up for almost a mile.

20) The second heat lined up with only six cars.

21) Only 29 cars lined up for the second start attempt.

22) Caesar lined up on the right flank.

23) Several food trucks are lined up for the grand opening.

24) The sides have lined up as expected.

25) Have successful case studies lined up and let the others adapt.

26) They were all lined up against a wall.

27) Trains were lined up and backed up headed both ways.

28) The mining equipment was lined up over the shaft.


How to use lined up in a sentence

29) I had a job lined up after graduation .

30) More than 200 bodies were lined up inside that mosque .

31) We got lined up for uniform and homework inspection .

32) She confirmed she had no job lined up .

33) They realized their ideas about product design lined up .

34) Have you got your patron lined up ?

35) These types of jobs are often lined up in advance.

36) The prosecution also had their physicians lined up .

37) I lined up toys as a child.

38) Sharif said masked gunmen lined up seven people against a wall.

39) Sam had lined up three for me.

40) I had them all lined up outside.