literary journal in a sentence

literary journal in a sentence

1) Her short fiction has appeared in literary journals and anthologies.

2) There are more than 600 literary journals across the country.

3) That discussion is carried out today in classrooms and literary journals .

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4) I bought my first literary journal subscription in 1999.

5) RC Reviews: The literary journal published quarterly.

6) Monthly Thai literary journal , October 1947.

7) And I continue to write essays and stories for literary journals .

8) These were after all the two leading literary journals .

9) First issue of Conjunctions literary journal published.

10) The prominent literary journal Fugue is published at the university.

11) Now, my bookshelves are filled with literary journals .

12) Literary journals offer all of these things as well.

13) Poets & Writers maintains a searchable database of literary journals and contests.

14) The Southern Review – The famous literary journal focusing on southern literature.

15) Additionally, since 2003, the literary journal “Kwani?


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16) The atrocities were reported regularly in newspapers and literary journals around the world.

17) Somehow, the publication does not seem his kind of literary journal .

18) The English Club also produces a student literary journal called Snowdrifts.

19) A third submission management option for literary journals is Tell it Slant.

20) New literary journal : A Canadian First!

21) Since the early 1990s his poems have appeared in many literary journals .

22) Founded literary journal , Les Chimeres , in 1908.

23) Hollins has three campus literary journals .

24) Nugent , an editor of literary journals , records her emotions poetically.

25) Lachlan Brown’s poems have been published widely in Australian literary journals .

26) It is one of the oldest high school literary journals in the country.

27) The Spires is the official literary journal in San Beda.

28) Cardinal Points literary journal , No. 12, vol. 2.


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29) Though published quarterly, it was very different from the traditional quarterly literary journal .

30) My goal is to provide historical insight, rather than publish a literary journal .

31) Soka Gakkai also owns the popular literary journal “Ushio”.

32) I’ve been told I should get published in ‘ literary journals ‘.

33) Far Enough South was first published in Absinthe , a literary journal .

34) The “Pragoti” was first published as an occasional hand-written literary journal .

35) Johnston’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction have appeared widely in literary journals .

36) His real desire was to get published in one of the Harvard literary journals .

37) Tender Leaves, the Center’s literary journal was published from 1987-2006.

38) Students operate a college radio station, a campus newspaper, and a literary journal .

39) The university is also home to a national literary journal , “Quarterly West”.

40) Dr. Brucie’s fiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of literary journals .