poetically in a sentence

poetically in a sentence

1) He has reborn it within himself — poetically .

2) He had a poetically economic gift of phrase or image.

3) Don’t try to play the speech poetically .

poetically example sentences

4) The verb “quethe” is only used poetically now.

5) It poetically describes someone’s yearning for a loved one.

6) You my dear, write so poetically and peacefully sometimes.

7) In Hebrew, these concepts fit quite naturally and poetically .

8) It looked as poetically beautiful as Box described it.

9) This post says this well – almost poetically , in fact.

10) Nugent , an editor of literary journals, records her emotions poetically .

11) Poetically , it designates any large quadruped.

12) Poetically because TARGETING iron RESULTS in incompatible region.

13) It’s deliciously, almost poetically , perhaps polemically depressing.

14) Not factually so, but poetically so.

15) He is seen as the most imaginative and poetically creative Hasidic Master.


example sentences with poetically

16) Poetically , some describe it as a karmic recycling of goods.

17) To put it poetically , “life calls the tune — we dance.

18) Not literally true but poetically so.

19) Poetically sofia of xanax side moistness unaware websites reviewed.

20) His words flow more poetically , as if possessing a higher proficiency of language.

21) That same company that employs that sound business policy you wax so poetically about.

22) That was the compromise that mythology ties poetically to the annual changes of season.

23) During this time the Fujiwara clan was also active both politically and poetically .

24) Edmund – 23 years old, the younger and more intellectually and poetically inclined son.

25) Poetically , Batangas is often referred to by its ancient name Kumintang.

26) He speaks poetically about the stone taking shape as flowing tresses or as seaweed .

27) Margo Rogers is a poetically inclined college student from a salt-of-the-earth Midwestern family.

28) He expresses his view almost poetically : ‘A rose does not need to preach.


How to use poetically in a sentence

29) This is a poetically crappy turn of events as our young business was showing real promise.

30) When writing freehand or poetically I find myself capitalizing based both on emphasis and aesthetics.

31) Diving takes place in what Cousteau so poetically labelled “The Silent World”.

32) Mr. Alley’s lyrics accomplish the considerable feat of poetically offering inspiration while holding the syrup.

33) Where there are staircases, a dwelling place is also opened up poetically for humans.

34) Obviously a great deal has changed, both personally & poetically , during the intervening time.

35) Then I could toms outlet express myself bodily in ways that I could not poetically .

36) Zarina was born in Uganda and has so poetically captured images from her African experience.

37) Sometimes the Yellow River is poetically called the “Muddy Flow” ().

38) Prose by Pros Something marvelous happens when the poetically talented apply their skills to prose.

39) Poetically , it was another firefighter, looking for the stopcock, who discovered the marijuana.