one third in a sentence

About one third of the earth’s surface is land.

I have just finished one third of my assignment.

one third of the friends I grew up with are dead.

Around one third of elderly people suffer frequent joint pain.

Only one third of Zambian children proceed from elementary to secondary education.

The Black Death reduced the population of Europe by one third in the period from 1347 to 1351.

In Sweden, one third of the population has access to the Internet, via their telephones and computers.

Health care is our government’s biggest public expense, accounting for more than one third of the province’s total budget.

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is a city of one million residents, or about one third of the country’s total population.

A study of those who claimed they had no religion found that one third had relinquished their unaffiliated status within ten years.

At one point, the output of the coal mines of Wales reached almost 40 million tons per year, enough to supply one third of the world’s needs.

Studies have found that one third of Americans aged 18 to 29 years old believe, to some extent, that horoscopes and the stars influence and predict events in their lives.

The total comprises more than one third of all applications made in the EU.

Just one third agree that corporations balance their profits with serving the public.

Anbar is geographically Iraq’s largest province making about one third of the country.

In fact it’s 407, and one third of those taking the strength enhancing drugs are girls.

That as a topic was really about one third of the discussion and it was quickly dealt with.

According to the research, over one third of the volunteers invest over five hours per week.

one third of the Saudi students abroad are women, and now they are returning to their homeland.

Around one third of the companies aimed to invest more next year than in 2015, the survey showed.

It’s bad news in a city where all trees were originally hand planted, and one third of those are elMs.
He sold one third of the land to finance the project, and began work in 1730.

In his will he requested that one third of his paintings from his estate were to be destroyed.

Economy The major employer in town until recently was Molokai Ranch, which owns about one third of the island’s land.

In 2007 one third of the world’s total production of refrigerators were based on Greenfreeze technology, with over 200 million units in use.

Finger clubbing is present in one third of patients.

Cerebral infarctions vary in their severity with one third of the cases resulting in death.

The gardens About two thirds of the property is devoted to flowers and one third to vegetables and herbs.

6,4-photoproducts, or 6,4 pyrimidine-pyrimidones, occur at one third the frequency of CPDs but are more mutagenic.

Many Cheyenne students from the reservation attend school at the high school, making up about one third of the students.

Oberpräsident von Halfern retired in 1933, and with him one third of the Landrat and Oberbürgermeister (mayor) officials.

In Tyssedal only about one third came from western Norway; one third came from eastern Norway; and the rest from other parts of the country.

Moisi escaped with about one third of his army.

The area is 3,580 km², of which about one third is forest.

Chickenpox is believed to be the cause of one third of stroke cases in children.

Third of council In 78 English district authorities one third of the council was up for election.

Each arch is of segmental elevation with a rise of one third span and arch rings 2 ft (0.61 m) deep.

Nowadays, Panama – currently the largest register – and Liberia have one third of the world fleet under their flag.

Over 100 Palestinians have died in the course of the 16-day operation; BBC sources say about one third were civilians.

The province is made up by 22 municipalities and is Cuba’s largest province containing about one third of the country’s population.

One moon, Triton, makes up nearly all of the mass of the system, with all other moons together comprising only one third of one percent.

The music room comprised nearly one third of the total -square-foot (0 m 2 ) area of the two-bedroom house.

The opaqueness of the Gowanus water obstructs sunlight to one third of the six feet needed for aquatic plant growth.

Leagues can have up to four spots, but no more than one third of the number of teams in that country’s top division, rounded downwards.

Roughly 1 million (or nearly one third) of Kuwait’s population is local, with 2-2.5 million residents registered as foreigners/non-locals.

The army (Latin: legio) consisted, according to Livy, of exactly 3,000 infantry and 300 horsemen, one third from each of Rome’s three founding tribes.

Each floor represents the tenth of a third (3.33%) of households in the US, and each section of 10 floors represent roughly one third of American society.

About one third of the houses have been hit by artillery.
About one third are now back in Germany while 120 have died.
About one third of the houses in the town have been hit by artillery.
At the age of 60, on average, we’ll have lost one third of our teeth.
Anbar is geographically Iraq’s largest province making about one third of the country.
According to Dadaviz, about one third of the email addresses are fakes like “foxmulder@fbi.
Also, about one third of Chipotle locations have stopped serving pork due to a supplier problem.
An additional 11 Thomson flights as well as one third-party flight with Nouvelle Air are currently due to leave later.
4. Incentives to be healthier According to the CDC, one in five children is obese and, in 2010, more than one third of adults were.
Almost half of the people in the N.W.T. live in Yellowknife, but the city has only about one third of the 19 seats in the legislature.
About two thirds of participants identified at least one barrier to seeking medical help and about one third reported three or more barriers.
Any possible cuts in gas supplies to Ukraine could have a knock-on effect for the European Union, where Russia meets one third of the fuel demand.
Almost one third, or 32 percent, of the 28,140 respondents said they planned to reduce holdings in the country’s stock markets in the coming quarter.
According to research from the National Institute of Health, one third of American adults aren’t getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep.
Around one third of people all over the world are infected with tuberculosis bacteria, but are not ill with the disease and therefore cannot transmit it.
15 Bundesliga teams, 12 second division teams, one third division team, three fourth division teams and one fifth division team were invovled in the draw.
“Because of the border patrols, one third of customers from Salzburg have stopped coming here and that, of course, has led to a great loss in sales,” she says.
About one third of FDA-approved drugs carry what’s known as a black box warning, highlighting side effects that may be fatal or cause serious illness or disability.
At the same time, he said the city is ahead of targets to reduce overall waste, noting that yard waste pickup has already reduced the city’s garbage by almost one third.
According to some, approximately one third of the homeless population — over 250,000 people — suffers from severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.