prove difficult in a sentence

prove difficult in a sentence

1) But getting more information is proving difficult .

2) Even finding hotel accommodation had proved difficult .

3) Reducing human-leopard conflict has proven difficult .

prove difficult example sentences

4) The soil was poor and farming life proved difficult .

5) The road proved difficult to keep above water.

6) This second principle proved difficult to implement.

7) But determining the usage patterns might prove difficult .

8) But finding a middle course is proving difficult and complex.

9) Dating these art works has proven difficult and unsatisfactory.

10) The precise number of soldiers involved has proven difficult to establish.

11) Developing the idea into firm policy proved difficult .

12) This proved difficult to support and has been officially discontinued.

13) Design approval for the canopy proved difficult .

14) But even these small matters proved difficult .

15) This is proving difficult on both emotional and practical levels .


example sentences with prove difficult

16) Clearly, the lock was proving difficult .

17) The mixing process proved difficult , lasting two weeks.

18) However, precision attacks still proved difficult or impossible.

19) This proved difficult to realize, however.

20) Testing this hypothesis however, has proven difficult .

21) It might also prove difficult to educate phone retailers about games.

22) Objective assessment of different contributions is also likely to prove difficult .

23) But change of this kind proved difficult and aroused much resistance.

24) If this proves difficult , foot drop may be present.

25) Despite this, writing the story proved difficult .

26) However, these findings proved difficult to interpret.

27) The global license proved difficult to handle for the government.

28) Dating the reign of the king has proved difficult .


How to use prove difficult in a sentence

29) Despite recognizing the basis for the disease treatment proved difficult .

30) But the break proved difficult , emotionally and financially.

31) This first school proves difficult for her.

32) Both problems proved difficult , but they never lost interest.

33) Enforcement of arms control agreements has proven difficult over time.

34) Arriving at a list of problems proved difficult .

35) Casting the title characters proved difficult for the studio.

36) It proved difficult to discharge many of these patients.

37) Mile 7 and 8 proved difficult for Bill.

38) That still applies and it may prove difficult to finance.

39) However , developing a material with ideal characteristics has proved difficult .

40) Even a trip to Wal-Mart proved difficult .