public opinion in a sentence

public opinion in a sentence

1) Public opinion against nuclear energy keeps growing bigger.

2) Public opinion varies wildly between different states.

3) Winning public sympathy and majority public opinion .

public opinion example sentences

4) Indian politicians and public opinion were outraged.

5) Acting against public opinion using executive power is not democratic.

6) American public opinion was firmly against joining the war.

7) The changing climate for public opinion research.

8) Gallup polls public opinion for 25 years.

9) From this perspective public opinion is very important.

10) Another performance measurement commonly used is the public opinion poll.

11) Public opinion had already condemned all privileges whatsoever.

12) They were pivotal in altering public opinion regarding apartheid policies.

13) British public opinion has consistently opposed joining the euro.

14) Does public opinion count in either case?

15) Media and public opinion was more hostile.


example sentences with public opinion

16) Public opinion about nuclear power varies widely between countries.

17) Various studies indicate that media affects public opinion .

18) Public opinion quickly turned against the striking workers.

19) By 1969 public opinion was turning against the war.

20) U.S. public opinion overwhelmingly supported the deployment.

21) Ultimately public opinion rested against the cocaine user.

22) This was public opinion and interracial marriage.

23) They controlled public opinion on related events .

24) Public opinion versus public judgment; 11.

25) In modern British public opinion similar conflicting ideological themes persist.

26) The battle polarized public opinion within Iraq.

27) Public opinion also plays a constant role.

28) They were a powerful medium for influencing public opinion .


How to use public opinion in a sentence

29) Nor can national laws or public opinion .

30) Science education is not governed by public opinion .

31) Public opinion remained closely divided on the question.

32) Public opinion rose to about 50 percent against nuclear energy.

33) Newspapers whipped public opinion into a frenzy.

34) The tide of public opinion turned against the bill.

35) By 1868 public opinion was likely on the confederation side.

36) Newspaper headlines can influence public opinion which may impact policy decisions.

37) But public opinion soon turned on the fashion industry.

38) Public opinion appears divided on the question.

39) Public opinion should severely condemn any other similar campaigns.