1- He was amazed at the news.

2- He was amazed at the sight.

3- I was amazed at the results.

4- I was amazed at his courage.

5- She was amazed to hear the news.

6- I was amazed to learn I had won.

7- I was amazed at his carelessness.

8- He was amazed at his foolishness.

9- I was not so much scared as amazed.

10- I was amazed by her quick response.

11- I was amazed at the speed of the car.

12- I was amazed at the unexpected result.

13- I was amazed at his abrupt resignation.

14- I was amazed at the boy's intelligence.

15- She was amazed at the sight of the ghost.

16- I'm amazed at his rapid progress in English.

17- We were amazed that he had gotten full credit.

18- It amazed us to hear that things were so cheap.

19- I was amazed that she had drunk all of the wine.

20- I'm amazed by the rate at which industries grow.

21- I watched from the garage window, amazed at what I saw.

22- We were amazed at the excellence of the boy's drawings.

23- I am constantly amazed at the energy of my grandparents.

24- I am utterly amazed at how fast your children are growing.

25- The children were amazed when they saw the shooting stars.

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