1- Her cleverness often amazes me.

2- His memory amazes me.

3- Thursday, October 1, 2015 Bobby Hill performs for Pope Francis and amazes everyone, including Mark Wahlberg.

4- 'Blood Moon' amazes Skywatchers 12,800 views The next total lunar eclipse is expected to occur in April of next year.

5- God made man in his own image, and it amazes me that people are not satisfied with their looks.

6- Honestly, it amazes me how anything gets produced at all.

7- It just amazes me how flat this place is, says racer Lester Robertson.

8- It still amazes me that not a drop of blood was shed, she says.

9- It was her goodness that amazes every reader of her diary.

10- Just amazes me as well, when a venture doesn't pan out, guys like, Trump walk away.

11- What amazes me is that the very device that you are using is because of fossil fuels.

12- His vast knowledge, experience, extraordinary talent, wit and wisdom amazes the audience.

13- What amazes me is that through it all, Chan's ease on the ice never changes.

14- Dad still amazes me 48 years after his death, that he was in remarkable shape, Richardson told the Associated Press.

15- Liza!, It amazes Me, and There Is A Time were reissued on the two-CD compilation The Capitol Years in 2001, in their entirety.

16- Easily confused, his ineptitude amazes Fowler, who once exclaimed "your head is just something you keep your hat on, isn't it?

17- One thing that amazes people, even more than my ability to recall dates and events, is how many phone numbers I hold in my mind.

18- Her cleverness often amazes me.

19- His memory amazes me.

20- This kind heart amazes the bullies in the neighborhood, led by a young Izo Okada.

21- Her power amazes even her strongest male classmates.

22- It amazes me how closed-minded some open-minded people are.

23- What amazes me is that, in spite of the horrific nature of what I have seen, I feel neither repulsion nor revulsion.

24- It's his compliance that amazes me.

25- He amazes me with his quickness and eagerness to learn.

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