university graduate in a sentence

university graduate in a sentence

1) Many are more satisfied than their university graduated peers.

2) Our team includes university graduates who are also published writers.

3) Nine universities graduate about 120 aquaculture specialists each year.

university graduate example sentences

4) I am a small business owner and university graduate .

5) I am a university graduate and looking for international experience.

6) University graduates are eligible to appear in the examination.

7) The university graduates about 1,100 students each fall and spring.

8) The university graduated more than 5,000 students that following spring.

9) Unemployment was high; many university graduates could not find jobs.

10) What a big shame to some universities graduates .

11) Unemployment among university graduates , today, is the highest.

12) Pharmacist graduates are the lowest paid university graduates most years.

13) After preparation of university graduates can be trained in graduate school.

14) For example, Nasser guaranteed jobs for all university graduates .

15) Many university graduates take this exam before looking for a job.


example sentences with university graduate

16) A high unemployment rate among university graduates will have a ripple effect.

17) Ohio university graduated two students with bachelor’s degrees in 1815.

18) Many university graduates remain in the UK to pursue careers there.

19) One recent Regent university graduate defeated a 20year incumbent Democrat.

20) Columbia university graduate School of Journalism established.

21) A group of intelligent university graduates , all over 7 ft tall.

22) Shaw university graduated fifty-seven law students before it closed in 1916.

23) These university graduates hold either a double Bachelors or Master qualification.

24) This has led to many female school and university graduates being under-utilized.

25) Duksung university graduate School was instituted in 1979.

26) Every nation needs highly skilled university graduates to drive forward economic development and productivity.

27) Between 1920 and 1938, ten percent of all university graduates were women.

28) Many university graduates are unemployed, since vocational training isn’t accompanying higher education.


How to use university graduate in a sentence

29) University graduates can take the examination after only one year.

30) The campus primarily serves the university’s graduate School of Business students.

31) He’s going to be addressing Princeton university graduates June 3rd.

32) Later in 1991, David entered Harvard University’s graduate physics program.

33) They are particularly influential in the running of the university’s graduate programmes.

34) She received her MA in teaching from Marshall university graduate College.

35) Nonscientific effects and special university graduates .

36) Most upper-secondary teachers are university graduates .

37) A professional magistrates’ training program for 61 university graduates ended in July 2011.

38) Previous faculty assignment at Fordham university graduate School of Social Services.

39) Michigan State university graduates white students at a rate of 80.9 percent.

40) A Unabomber bomb injures Northwestern university graduate student John Harris.