cross the road in a sentence

cross the road in a sentence

1) Why did the mob cross the road ?

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2) Why did the chicken cross the road ?

3) I might have trouble crossing the road here.

cross the road example sentences

4) Turn left and cross the road bridge.

5) We had to wait before crossing the road .

6) Why did the fox cross the road ?

7) He is normally so careful crossing the road .

8) So why did the toad cross the road ?

9) Why did the auditor cross the road ?

10) Over passes for pedestrians to cross the roads are required.

11) I crossed the road to the gutted police station.

12) Cross the road and turn right for 50 yards.

13) Beautiful scenery several encounters with a stag crossing the road .

14) They are forced to cross the road on foot.

15) Beck brushed her aside and crossed the road .


example sentences with cross the road

16) He took his chance and crossed the road .

17) It maybe took 2 -3 minutes to cross the road .

18) Traffic updates and helping old people cross the road ?

19) No one wanted to cross the road .

20) Our client was crossing the road near to his home.

21) Is it safe to cross the road ?

22) They waited until it had stopped, then crossed the road .

23) He can’t even cross the road by himself.

24) I just kept saying I wanted to simply cross the road .

25) It finally crossed the road and struck the Honda.

26) I sometimes use the example of crossing the road .

27) They even crossed the road on their feet.

28) A lorry driver signalled to her to cross the road .


How to use cross the road in a sentence

29) She was standing on the pavement waiting to cross the road .

30) He crossed the road and went into the gravel pit.

31) Like, say, crossing the road .

32) Will they start crossing the road and ignoring me?

33) He then crossed the road to greet children and commuters .

34) We cross the road and are invited to join the party.

35) Dennison crossed the road and disappeared again.

36) You could cross the road three times whilst the lights are red .

37) I move onto the kerb to cross the road .

38) Cross the road and New Street is directly opposite the exit.