open sky in a sentence

open sky in a sentence

1) For above him was an open sky .

2) The sukkah must be located under open sky .

3) There’s something about the open sky and the changing pasture.

open sky example sentences

4) In the 1990s, ” open skies ” agreements became more common.

5) Sitting under the open sky , weightless as a flame.

6) The open sky visible above it?

7) Hig sleeps out under the open sky at night with Jasper.

8) I absolutely love living by the sea and the vast open sky landscape.

9) Boy, did I need and miss that huge open sky , too.

10) But it will appeal to those who enjoy solitude and wide open skies .

11) Triangle manages the open sky Technologies Fund on behalf of ESA.

12) Essentially, ” open sky ” wasn’t edited so much as compiled.

13) The Prasad was made under the open sky and distributed to the entire gathering.

14) He flew far out into open sky , into the Mother Storm itself.

15) There, under the open sky , we camped some miles from Nazareth.


example sentences with open sky

16) New Iona Studio Album open sky Review Online!

17) Place high up against open sky and moving clouds and it is something else again.

18) The open skies policies kept its airport among the busiest in the Middle East.

19) Open skies policies and low-cost carriers have helped to bring competition to the market.

20) For best results , use this app outside where you can see open sky .

21) Now I can see rooftops outside the windows as well as open sky .

22) Love is an open sky .

23) Translated quote: “In front of me is an unchecked, wide open sky .

24) Eventually we approached 13000 feet and the ridge line appeared above us with open sky .

25) Shively’s brainchild, ” open sky “, eventually became a quarterly publication.

26) Visit West Parish Meadow , and watch the clouds moving across the open sky overhead.

27) President Eisenhower, in 1955, had urged an agreement on ‘ open skies ‘.

28) Open skies coded and developed the web interface for OpenRes, called “TakeFlight”.


How to use open sky in a sentence

29) In the distance, cranes spanned upward, their L-shaped silhouettes still against the open sky .

30) Iona’s new 11-track masterpiece open sky has just been released in the UK.

31) On 22 March 2007, the open skies agreement between the US and EU was ratified.

32) With the sun at your head and back in the open sky body fluids waft away.

33) Twig flew it over the edge and into open sky in search of his father.

34) I might hear something more; at any rate, the open sky was a better breathing-place.

35) Ghusl should be given a covered building and not under the open sky . 4. 4.

36) It is very important that the concept of ” open sky ” for private pilots in every country.

37) Any place will do , but darker is better, with a nice expanse of open sky .

38) Like other satellite networks, Iridium terminals need open line-of-sight to open sky in order to function.

39) The naturalistic environment allows them to grow and experience the freedom of open skies and seemingly endless boundaries.

40) The photographer’s glance alights on small details of foliage or suddenly sweeps upwards to the open sky .