business year in a sentence

business year in a sentence

1) The business year is the calendar year.

2) Regular benchmarking activities during the business year .

3) How much did each owner withdraw for the company during the business year ?

business year example sentences

4) The website looks great and helps us gain new business year on year.

5) Simply beautiful, best place to recharge your batteries after a hard business year .

6) SSDN Trades is a rapidly growing company with increasing its business year by year.

7) I will continue to give Income Tax Express my business year after year!

8) Not the end of the calendar year or the school year or the business year .

9) Koarti immigrated to the United States in 1984 from Sudan and started a business years later .

10) The utility hopes to move into the black this business year by restarting the reactors as early as possible.

11) Our KFC went out of greasy , soggy business years ago and nothing has stepped up to take over.

12) In this example, the board of directors declared $5,000 dollars of dividends during the 200X business year .

13) KT Chairman Lee Suk-chae delivers a speech at a ceremony to kick off the 2013 business year on Jan. 2.

14) About 2000 hours in a standard business year , so every hour or two somebody is looking for a new peripheral.

15) Did Donald invest additional cash or other assets into the company during the business year (January to December 200X)?


example sentences with business year

16) IBM sold its PC business years ago and clearly focuses on the B2B market, as do Oracle, SAP and EMC.

17) Statements of overall business turnover for three consecutive business years (i.e. 2009, 2010 & 2011) along with the audited financial reports.

18) My team was left highly motivated for the business year ahead, driven, and armed with tools to help realise action plans.

19) The December 31, 200X ending retained earnings ($7,000) will become the beginning retained earnings for the 200Y business year .

20) Charter has recently upgraded its internet speed tiers and gave most of its customers a free upgrade in speed, not once but twice during the 2011 business year .

21) Forbes Magazine announced its first ever Hip-Hop Cash Kings list early 2007 with list of the top 20 hip-hop earning artists for the previous business year .