artificial in a sentence

artificial We skied on artificial snow.

I don’t like artificial flowers.

Do you workout or is it all artificial?

She’s been fitted with an artificial leg.

I had an artificial insemination by donor.

I found them lying on the artificial grass.

Many polymers, such as nylon, are artificial.

The sauce was glutinous and tasted artificial.

Artificial sweeteners are used in soft drinks.

One of my hobbies is making artificial flowers.

Contains no artificial colouring or flavouring.

Sweeten to taste with the artificial sweetener.

This artificial fabric has the texture of silk.

Give the child artificial respiration if needed.

This yoghurt contains no artificial flavourings.

He revived the child with artificial respiration.

Her artificial gaiety disguised an inner sadness.

It was an artificial light, almost close at hand.

Our products are free from artificial additives .

No artificial sweeteners are used in this product.

Surgeons successfully implanted an artificial hip.

The artificial satellite was launched into the orbit.

The juice contains no artificial coloring or flavors.

Artificial light is produced by means of electricity.

The artificial sweetener sorbitol has a laxative effect.

The new dam will form a large artificial lake behind it.

She was given artificial respiration and cardiac massage.

They tried artificial respiration but it was of no avail.

They are going to launch an artificial satellite tomorrow.

They succeeded in putting an artificial satellite in orbit.

Salespeople are often accused of using artificial flattery.

It is shaded with artificial illumination to enhance relief.

I had an artificial insemination with sperm from my husband.

This brand of tinned beans contains no artificial colouring.

This bread is completely free from artificial preservatives.

A wreath of artificial poppies has been held down by a brick.

Do you need on artificial eyelash? I think it will be better.

He was hocus-pocussed into buying an artificial diamond ring.

The operation to implant the artificial heart took two hours.

The voice was patronizing and affected, the accent artificial.

It must be confessed that this test is a rather artificial one.

Our products contain no artificial preservatives or colourings.

The possibility of artificial breeding Tree Shrew was explored.

The treatment does not involve the use of any artificial drugs.

This brand of tinned food does not contain artificial coloring.

Verity TuLST code method through the artificial result finally.

Aim ; To synthesize two kinds of amoxicillin artificial antigen.

The Tel, an artificial mountain, entombs Jericho’s ancient past.

This firm will supply engines in exchange for artificial rubber.

Artificial tidelands are being developed on a countrywide basis.

This is a twoseater sofa using stainresistant artificial leather.

A lot of people use artificial sweeteners in their tea or coffee.

At work, she wears artificial legs and walks stiffly with a cane.

Rockets and artificial satellites can go far above the ionosphere.

Artificial flowers can sometimes look better than the real thing .

All our drinks are free from artificial colourings and flavourings.

This artificial hurricane rushed like a waterspout through the air.

He drew a quite artificial distinction between men and women readers.

Wearing artificial red poppies has become traditional for Remembrance Day .

Natural dyes keep a more beautiful color over the years than artificial dyes.

We should not turn a blind eye to the disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

They produce artificial chemicals which exactly imitate particular natural ones.

The orbit of the artificial satellite has an apogee of 200 miles from the earth.

Reputable centres use safety ropes and good natural and artificial belay points.

The main problem in Chechnya today is how to find artificial limbs for amputees.

So far, only one person has survived an operation to implant an artificial heart.

It was the first commercially available machine to employ artificial intelligence.

dark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions.

Dark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions.

Rescuers pulled the child from the river, and she was given artificial respiration.

Light grazing or over grazing lead to deteriorative succession of artificial sward.

At present the period of diagnosing gonorrhea by artificial screen test is too long.

Insufficient lubrication can be overcome through the use of an artificial lubricant.

One in five chose decaffeinated tea and coffee while 14% used artificial sweeteners.

The Japanese have a rigid code of etiquette, which may seem artificial to foreigners.

Chinese chess computer game belongs to the field of artificial intelligence research.

Even for an artificial insemination, at least the man must reach orgasm and ejaculate.

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man of Oregon , gets pregnant by artificial insemination.

Also included is the artificial adoption of dead languages for nationalistic purposes.

The prompt use of artificial respiration can often bring to life a victim of drowning.

They have a crispy crumb topping and are free from artificial colours and flavourings.

Producers use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs. The turkeys grow quickly.

Nanotechnology has the same potential for artificial evolution as biological molecules.

Organic food is unadulterated food produced without artificial chemicals or pesticides.

The greenway is a more natural process. It is made by nature not by artificial methods.

If I am fanatical about anything my kids eat, it is to stay away from the artificial dyes.

The artificial satellite launched at the cost of the welfare budget did not work properly.

The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

The Olympiastadion was equipped with the latest technology in artificial illumination and sound equipment.

Similarly, it has long been known that hens lay more eggs if they are kept under artificial illumination .

National Geographic catalogues the sweeping implications of artificial illumination of the night sky on noctural creatures.

The word corridor is an artificial idea, as this land has been Polish for centuries, with a small percentage of German settlers .

Fighting darkness worsened by fog and rain, the regiment was aided by artificial illumination fashioned by Staff Sergeant Otis Hawkins.

We are separating out one aspect for analysis, but doing this is slightly artificial.Artificial leather can’t compare with the real thing.

a big natural or artificial lake used to store water supply;And the whole affair, if you will, serves as a stern reminder and distressing harbinger.

They originated before widespread artificial illumination , to allow the time to be determined in the dark, and were also used by the visually impaired.

The SCNA would have the necessary night sensors and weapon delivery capability to find and strike targets at night one the first pass without the use of visible artificial illumination .

Features that could not be distinguished on the ground or through aerial photography were identified by overlaying hillshades of the DEM created with artificial illumination from various angles.

A middle-class urban American household today spends less than 1 percent of its income on illumination, and consumes more than 100 times as much artificial illumination as did its predecessor of two centuries ago.