1- In 1905 six " disasters " happened.

2- No home is 100% disaster proof.

3- What is " disaster risk reduction"?

4- The disaster management agency mobilized 100 water treatment facilities.

5- How closely disaster was averted is again debatable.

6- The disaster received extensive news coverage worldwide.

7- A man walks through flood disaster scene.

8- All that is doing is courting disaster .

9- Many nations here are supporting disaster recovery and delivering humanitarian aid.

10- Our region is inherently vulnerable to natural disasters .

11- Climate change and natural disasters are prime examples.

12- A small shift today becomes a disaster tomorrow.

13- The distribution is a qualified disaster recovery assistance distribution.

14- These include environmental issues and disaster relief.

15- Local government officials issue evacuation orders when disaster threatens.

16- Time is running short for disaster victims.

17- Spot a disaster stock before disaster strikes.

18- Spot a disaster stock before disaster strikes.

19- Federal student aid policies are a disaster .

20- The government project was a complete disaster .

21- A horrific natural disaster or civil war?

22- And natural disasters are increasingly taking their toll.

23- Unlimited "growth" always leads to disaster .

24- These signal lights serviced 17 different intersections within the disaster area.

25- People were still remembering those crimes and disasters .

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