1- Thomas Edison once remarked that we don't know a millionth of one percent about anything.

2- Today's personal computers can execute instructions in less than one millionth of a second.

3- Germany registers its 1 millionth refugee of 2015 More than 200,000 people joined the list in November.

4- It's standard-issue one-upsmanship raised to the millionth power.

5- Last week, Solar Star installed its one millionth panel.

6- The Sea Dogs drew their five millionth fan in 2006, six millionth in 2008 and seven millionth in 2011.

7- Then in January, the park clocked its 10 millionth visitor since April 1, 2014, a record pace for any fiscal year.

8- By 2016 Bosch expects to make its 10 millionth radar sensor, the company said.

9- Celebrating its 40th season in 2008, the play will welcome its 7.5 millionth visitor.

10- In 2000, it introduced the first 8-port router with SNMP and QoS, and in 2001 it shipped its millionth cable/ DSL router.

11- In January 1993, while deployed at Moron AB, Spain, the Wing off loaded its one millionth pound of fuel.

12- Nissan Press: Nissan produces millionth UK car In 2005, Nissan Europe released a performance model of the K12.

13- Now a petition against the pact has attracted its millionth signature.

14- That is, if we avoid the galaxy Andromeda colliding with ours in the 40 millionth century.

15- The 1 millionth is one of three cars experts said were salvageable from the disaster.

16- Baur had just became an "air millionaire" of Luft Hansa, having flown his millionth kilometre for the airline.

17- The rental system has been growing rapidly after registering its 10 millionth rental in November last year and its 20 millionth in May.

18- My problem is my other sons (ages 18 Obama's Two millionth Deportation The White House is deporting more than 1,100 illegal immigrants per day.

19- This season, Adelaide United passed the one millionth spectator milestone of total crowds since the inception of the A-League.

20- The legacy metre was defined to be one ten millionth of a quadrant of the earth (the distance from the equator to the North Pole ).

21- When he goes to get his license, Patrick is told that he's the millionth Bikini Bottomite to pass his or her test, winning him a free boat.

22- On January 23 2009, Nokia announced it had shipped the millionth 5800 XpressMusic device, even though it still had not been fully released worldwide.

23- Wishing Well Acres was the site of the millionth home built in Canada after WWI.

24- On May 19, 2007, the Space Needle welcomed its 45 millionth visitor.

25- Today's personal computers can execute instructions in less than one millionth of a second.

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