1- I certainly sympathize with your desire to spend more time with your family, but I'm afraid we just can't give you any extra time off.

2- After having a heart attack, he decided to restructure his life to include more time for doing the things he enjoyed most.

3- If he did not watch so much television, he would have more time for study.

4- This city needs to invest more time and money in urban planning so that we don't lose any more of our beautiful old buildings downtown.

5- With today's efficient household appliances, people have more time to sit around doing nothing.

6- He devotes too much time to his job, he should spend more time with his family.

7- Right on schedule, that contractor came around today, begging for more time.

8- My wife and I have been making a conscious effort to spend more time together.

9- I have more time, and less money than ever.

10- Whereas the former proposal is more costly, the latter one would take much more time.

11- You had better read your teacher's comments on your compositions one more time.

12- With today's efficient household appliances, people have more time to sit around doing nothing.

13- The flexible hours of my new job have enabled me to spend more time with my children.

14- Duncan Cladwell once observed that Americans have more timesaving devices, and less time than any other people in the world.

15- I made a New Year's resolution to take more time to relax this year.

16- The matter was left unresolved because we didn't have any more time to discuss it further.

17- He really changed his outlook on life after having a heart attack.

18- He decided to work less, and spend more time with his family.

19- Actress Pamela Anderson has been on the cover of Playboy magazine more times than any other woman.

20- Well, it's hot again today, isn't it?

21- That's one more time you've started with a bland topic.

22- The students were totally bored, and kept sneaking a look at their watches to see how much more time was left.

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