1- People in the capital are afraid to venture out of their homes due to falling debris from buildings damaged in the earthquake.

2- 378 body bags processed so far MH17's quiet, abandoned crash site Does debris prove MH17 was shot down?

3- And debris was all in my yard."""

4- And, miracle of miracles, 22 hours after the earthquake, the mother saw a soldier pull her baby out of the debris.

5- An interesting finding has been that most of the plastic mass in the Pacific Ocean is large debris, Slat said.

6- Any debris found could give investigators some clues as to what happened to the jetliner.

7- Because it's just one piece of debris."

8- Does debris prove MH17 was shot down?

9- During his visit to the site last Friday, Watson said, the debris field felt abandoned.

10- First the debris must be cleared and their houses and farms declared disease-free.

11- If they start building the dam again, city workers will clear the debris away by hand.

12- I have a responsibility to keep those on board safe, but it is so important to help find bodies and debris."""

13- I'm sure there are spots that some debris and water on them at this point."

14- In 2013, it faced questions after several Model S sedans caught fire after road debris damaged their batteries.

15- 'I thought some debris had struck my vehicle,' he recalled.

16- Most landslide fatalities are from rock fall, debris-flows, or volcanic debris flows.

17- People made fires to get rid of the piles of rubbish and debris.

18- Some debris littered the area but crowds had dispersed.

19- That grinding sent thousands of molten bits of steel into the air, and some of that debris bonded to the paint.

20- The carriageway was closed while the debris was cleared but two lanes are now open.

21- The City Council approved a $9.4 million debris-removal contract in December.

22- The City of Fredericton has a citywide cleanup of smaller debris planned for next week.

23- The Earth has never run into the debris from this particular comet before.

24- The monitoring began in April 2012, when tsunami debris began arriving along the Oregon coast.

25- There is some debris in the trees."""

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