1- In the 1530s, a printing press was set up in Mexico City, and the country's first newspaper was published there in 1541.

2- The various components are manufactured by different suppliers around the world, and assembled in our factory in Mexico.

3- The company is moving its headquarters to Mexico, where production costs are lower.

4- The U.

5- S.

6- and Mexico are meeting today in an attempt to remove some barriers to trade between the two countries.

7- Canada's win over Mexico in the 2000 Gold Cup was a major upset in the world of soccer.

8- They buy all their children's clothes across the border in Mexico, and then smuggle them back into the U.

9- S.

10- so they don't have to pay any duty on them.

11- My uncle went to Mexico in , never to come back.

12- The town of Calexico, California is separated from Mexicali, Mexico by a simple fence.

13- The highest ratio of obese people in the world is in Russia, at 25.

14- 4 percent, followed by Mexico at 25.

15- 1 percent.

16- Countless archaeological artifacts have been smuggled out of Mexico by tourists.

17- Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821.

18- The state of New Mexico has 2,450 nuclear weapons, the highest number of any region in the world.

19- Many people feel that the North American Free Trade Agreement has mainly resulted in the exportation of jobs to Mexico.

20- The first known civilization in the Western Hemisphere developed in Mexico around 1500 B.

21- C.

22- The state of the American economy has a great effect on the financial situation here in Mexico.

23- On September 19, 1985, at 7:19 a.

24- m.

25- , an earthquake lasted for three minutes off the Pacific coast of Mexico.

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