1- Two withdrew, a third, veteran musher Brent Sass, was disqualified for having a two-way communication device.

2- Dog musher Hugh Neff arrives in Kaltag, Alaska, as he competes in the Iditarod sled dog race on Sunday, March 15.

3- Even the last musher to reach Nome these days is often faster than the early winning teams.

4- He is currently in 11th place among the 15 mushers still in the race.

5- I tripped over there, went full-speed and hit my head on that stump, he said he told the musher.

6- Many mushers felt that it was impossible for us to go that route if we had very low snow conditions.

7- mushers carry mandatory GPS units that have an emergency button on them, which Janssen said he pushed.

8- mushers have to depend on themselves during the races.

9- Once the event ends, fans and mushers, with their dogs in tow, will drive about eight hours north to Fairbanks.

10- She says the new schedule aims to give mushers more rest time.

11- The first mushers left the Circle City Checkpoint early Monday morning.

12- The injured musher spoke to the press Tuesday.

13- The musher knocked his head and may have suffered a concussion.

14- The musher must take a mandatory 24 hour stop at any time during the race.

15- The order was drawn at a musher's banquet Thursday night in Anchorage.

16- The original design on the old wing of the building was a black silhouette of a dog musher with a team of five dogs.

17- Zirkle, 44, was the first musher to reach the checkpoint at Safety, 22 miles from the finish line.

18- Accessed May 21, 2009. *Chugiak Dog mushers host a series of races in and near Chugiak, Alaska annually.

19- At this point, mushers enter the gold-mining district surrounding Dawson City.

20- Fabrizio Lovati of Italy and Ben Valks of the Netherlands bring the European total to 5 mushers.

21- He is the first musher to win the 1,000 mile (1,609 km) Yukon Quest and the Iditarod in the same year.

22- More than 1,000 dogs and 200 mushers are expected to take part in races on Saturday and Sunday.

23- musher Bill Cotter said, "The trail was so nice that it was difficult to keep from going too fast."

24- mushers are required to participate in three smaller races in order to qualify for the Iditarod.

25- mushers purchase supplies and equipment in Anchorage, which are flown ahead to each checkpoint by the Iditarod Air Force.

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