1- He owns a small plot of land on the shores of Lake Ontario.

2- When we moved out from Ontario, the movers dropped a box containing our crystal, and broke it all to bits.

3- The Conservative party failed to win a single seat in Ontario in last month's federal election.

4- Car manufacturing is an important industry in Ontario.

5- The cultivation of tobacco is an important source of income for many farms in Quebec and Ontario.

6- Before beginning his movie career, Keanu Reeves managed a pasta shop in Toronto, Ontario.

7- Stephen Leacock based many of his humorous stories in the fictional Ontario town of Mariposa.

8- Could you suggest a good restaurant? My parents are visiting from Ontario.

9- A woman in Ontario successfully sued a restaurant that kicked her out for nursing her baby at her table.

10- Hydro-Quebec sells electricity generated by a series of hydroelectric dams that harness the power of the La Grande River in northern Quebec and Ontario.

11- It is with great reluctance that I announce today my intention to leave this company for a job at a firm in Ontario.

12- Four people have died in the intense cold which has hit Southern Ontario and Quebec this past weekend.

13- Just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario there is a monument commemorating Terry Fox and his attempted run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research.

14- At Old Fort Henry in Ontario, all the people working there dress in costumes of the 1800s.

15- One of the major money-making crops of Southern Ontario is tobacco.

16- The government of Ontario is going to conduct an inquiry to find out how the water of the town of Walkerton became contaminated.

17- Some provinces in Canada, most notably Ontario and Alberta, have tended to elect fairly right-wing governments over the last few years.

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