1- Gold coinage was minted in great quantities .

2- Home ranges are smaller where food is present in great quantity .

3- The salt was "exceedingly pure and in great quantity .

4- Concrete is another material that is used in great quantity .

5- Pine nuts are also produced in great quantities .

6- Dutch pastry is extremely rich and is eaten in great quantities .

7- It continues to sell in great quantities throughout the world.

8- Fermented foods were once consumed in greater quantities in everyday households.

9- Nevertheless, luxury arts continued to be produced in great quantity .

10- Linen postcards were produced in great quantity from 1931 to 1959.

11- It's not used in great quantities in the reaction.

12- Eel, lobster, and whales appear in great quantities .

13- Numerous musical objects are produced in greater quantities in Geneva by several makers.

14- Atari eventually streamlined the process and began producing the game in greater quantities .

15- In 1886, came the dis- covery of gold in great quantities .

16- Railroad delivered cheaper goods in greater quantities to even remote parts of the country.

17- Ammonite fossils are found in great quantities and are used as an index fossil .

18- The Fed will have little choice but to start printing again in greater quantities .

19- The Duffy antigen is expressed in greater quantities on reticulocytes than on mature erythrocytes.

20- Hides in great quantities were tanned into leather and fashioned into clothing and furniture.

21- The dried pasta introduced was being produced in great quantities in Palermo at that time.

22- The throat felt ulcerated and the saliva was increased and now was in great quantities !

23- The foods which we are advised to eat in greater quantities arc those supplying dietary fibre.

24- Lard is used in great quantities in all the dishes, even the sweet ones.

25- Marine allelochemicals generally are present in greater quantity and diversity in tropical than in temperate regions.

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