1- Bullies are often actually cowards because they usually pick on someone smaller and weaker than themselves.

2- Don't pick on younger kids.

3- The boys start to pick on him whenever the opportunity arises.

4- Don't pick on me, please.

5- Bullies always pick on the weakest kids to push around.

6- Wilson has done it at a bargain rate as a third-round draft pick on his first contract.

7- 'You're going to give him the example about how you threw a pick on the last play of the game in the Super Bowl.

8- Detroit also used its lottery pick on forward Stanley Johnson.

9- Knowing me, I'm a perfectionist, I'll just pick on the bad stuff.

10- Let me say, right off, that I don't mean to pick on this minister, those two nominees, or that advisory council.

11- Quad HD Display Not to pick on the LG G3, but the Note 4 is quad HD done right.

12- Shawn Williams made a pick on the goal line with 1:50 left.

13- So all the other kids that want to fit in, they pick on him so the bullies will be their friends," she said.

14- They pick on the easiest prey they can easily brainwash.

15- Thh trolls used to pick on her real bad.

16- We love to pick on Barbie for being too skinny and for having an unrealistic body type (forgetting it's a toy!

17- He will not hurt innocent victims, but will pick on any able bodied person.

18- Michael Brendan Dougherty AP Photo/Sean Dempsey Ed Miliband is easy to pick on .

19- Nobita used them to pick on people without actually standing next to them.

20- One of the kids says to the bully, "Go pick on someone your own size!

21- Sometimes bullies will pick on people bigger or smaller than their size.

22- Tends to pick on Miiko but seems to care for Kuniko almost as a daughter.

23- Philadelphia Eagles Barnes was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for an 2011 seventh-round draft pick on September 4, 2010.

24- The Packers used the 12th pick on Buford Jordan, a McNeese State running back who was tearing up the USFL for the New Orleans Breakers.

25- While other candidates were going out and trying to get Hispanics to pick them, Romney seemed to go out of his way to pick on Hispanics.

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