1- He moved to Altha in 1986, coming from West Palm Beach, Florida.

2- Automation also means the company's Palm Beach County headquarters will have a better view of the entire grid.

3- CNN caught up with him in West Palm Beach, Florida, after he was sentenced to three years in federal prison.

4- He is due to appear in court on Wednesday in West Palm Beach.

5- He's also hoping the mummy's hospital visit can be rescheduled during its time in West Palm Beach.

6- Johnson said they are renting a home in Thousand Oaks, California, but he plans to live in West Palm Beach, Florida.

7- One case is in Miami Dade County and the other is in Palm Beach County.

8- Real estate tycoon Donald Trump with his Rolls Royce at his Mar-a-Largo property in Palm Beach, Florida.

9- Spring 1989: -- 3.9 share, 6th in West Palm Beach market.

10- The Palm Beach Post reported James will miss four to six weeks.

11- The photo was taken while en route from Newark to West Palm Beach at an altitude of 38,000 feet.

12- There's another way to look at the Burlington Northern deal, says hedge fund manager Doug Kass of Palm Beach (Fla.

13- View photo Feb 27, 2014; Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA; Tiger Woods on the 12th tee at PGA National GC Champion Course.

14- 1935 1956 or 1957) was Dayuma's younger brother and was one of the six men from the attack at Palm Beach.

15- All their winters were spent in Palm Beach, where Emerson would indulge in social climbing.

16- Check out on ConservativeByte.com 1-5-15: 'Bill Clinton and the Palm Beach Pedophile.'

17- Dynamiq's American Representative at Worth Avenue Yachts' Palm Beach office is Connor Cogan.

18- Harris issued a set of criteria Palm Beach County Canvassing Bd. v. Harris, 772 So.2d 1220 (November 21, 2000).

19- He is now involved in a lawsuit against the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

20- He made it some time after 4 a.m. Thursday and contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

21- Hollis and Addison arrive at Palm Beach, and Addison shows Hollis's aunt a plan for a house he proposes to build for her.

22- Lawyers for Palm Beach County, who represent Pelly, declined to comment.

23- Nessler opened a shop on East 49th St., and soon had salons in Chicago, Detroit, Palm Beach, Florida and Philadelphia.

24- On August 11, 1948, the name of the airport was changed to Palm Beach International Airport.

25- Palm Beach County also started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples early Tuesday.

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