1- It only costs $2 to rent a video on Wednesday nights.

2- School begins at half past eight except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3- Garbage removal takes place every Wednesday morning.

4- renderI work every other day Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

5- She has been absent since last Wednesday.

6- Our club will hold its monthly meeting next Wednesday.

7- Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

8- Please let me know by Wednesday if you can't attend.

9- We have scheduled you for a dental check-up on Wednesday, September 14th.

10- We have no classes on Wednesday afternoons.

11- You must send the necessary documentation to us before the office closes on Wednesday afternoon at 5:00.

12- She has been sick since last Wednesday.

13- Subsequent to our discussions on Wednesday, we have implemented the recommended changes to the program.

14- Do you have anything next Wednesday?

15- Next Wednesday will be fine.

16- I work every other day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

17- I have to hand in my report by next Wednesday.

18- We have to submit an essay by Wednesday.

19- You must send the necessary forms to us before the office closes on Wednesday afternoon at 5:00.

20- Police report that three train cars derailed and overturned late Wednesday night in the Howard Street Tunnel.

21- The Canadian dollar is hovering around 80.

22- 70 cents US, down 0.

23- 34 cents from Wednesday's close.

24- They can come on Monday or Tuesday, but not on Wednesday or Thursday.

25- Abe is expected to be elected prime minister at a Diet session to be convened Wednesday.

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